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Online vs Offline Media. Why Not Both?

The Problem One of the most enduring arguments I’ve heard against building an online presence is ‘My audience doesn’t use <insert flavor of platform here>. It’s the mantra of traditionalism, marketing rooted in familiar channels of television and radio, and sitting somewhere in-between the Selling and Marketing orientations. It’s unsurprising, but no less disconcerting. Change,

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3 Ways to Celebrate Christmas on Your Business Page

We’re a few days away from the big 25th of December, Christmas Day. While we’re decorating our offices and living rooms, stringing up lights and wrapping gifts, let’s not forget to bring holiday cheer to our online spaces. As mentioned in my previous blog, it’s important that we celebrate various holidays on social media. There

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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Quick Replies

Part of managing your Instagram business account includes responding to every message and comment in a timely manner. Luckily, the thoughtful people at Instagram have created the Quick Replies feature. Let’s be honest, even the simple action of replying is quite time consuming and time is limited. Quick Replies saves responses to the questions your business receives

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