4 Essential Facebook Marketing Features

4 Essential Facebook Marketing Features

Today, the world of digital marketing still relies on Facebook and its constantly improving tools. The development team of the world’s largest social media network constantly strives to ease the way marketers and businesses promote products and services by implementing new features. You may be wondering – which of these solutions are worth the most to your business? Well, we will focus on the most important ones, currently used by business owners and most marketing experts. Check them out below.

Live Contributors

Audience Insights

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Before you decide on starting a campaign, it’s highly important that you research your audience first. Your marketing budget and campaign results depend on how well you’ve targeted your audience, including age, gender, interests, and geotargetting. Geotargetting can be used to attract customers both internationally and locally, depending on the type of the business. Watch this video for more information.

Facebook Business Search

Business Manager

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To ensure no one person has singular ownership, Facebook has created a centralized area where you can manage  fan pages, payment methods, and even manager roles – whether it’s an employee or your agency. This will give you visibility on your team members and you can add a Business Analyst without fear of losing ownership. It’s definitely a ‘must’ for all business pages. Click on this Linkedin Video for detailed information.

In conclusion, these links are essential to better manage your business on Facebook. No matter if you’re a small business owner or a marketing department of forty, using Facebook tools will optimize your productivity. Digital Marketing generally increases your existing workload however when you have a team of experts producing quality content, these tools will help you oversee them all.


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