Adele on Social Media

Adele’s voice is undeniable one of the most powerful of this generation. Some vocalists require fanfare for their performances, but her music bowls you over like a therapy session. So her return after a 4 year hiatus has me obsessed with wanting to find out who she has become, which usually means a few hours on Youtube and possibly a few tears. (I’m not even shame)

This particular video was insightful from her business sense, as she admitted her shock at the power of Social Media. This left me intrigued because I always thought this type of thinking was isolated to the senior decisions makers in the Caribbean but her admission creates an entirely new outlook for me. If such a mega star who lives in a first world country did not understand the impact of Social Media, then the idea of a Marketing Executive needing to be convinced that part of their budget spend should go Digital, isn’t as preposterous. This is an opportunity to review how I communicate to the individuals who reside in a less free thinking society.

See the full video below.


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