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Are Your Facebook Ads as Relevant as Beyoncé?

As a marketer, it’s hard to look at Beyoncé’s Coachella performance and not feel envy. After all, her brand is an iconic benchmark. Meanwhile, we complain that our audiences are basically caricatures of the distracted boyfriend meme. The truth is that they wade through thousands of brand messages every day. It’s easy to say that consumers’ attention spans are too refractory for brands to keep up with, however, perhaps it’s not a matter of distraction but choice. Remember, this is the era of the Empowered Consumer. Understanding that makes the challenge clear – how do we capture our audience’s attention and keep it?

Consumer Distraction vs Consumer Choice


Despite the controversy surrounding Facebook, the social network remains one of the most effective vehicles for reaching audiences. As of April 16th, Facebook saw growth in its ad spend, including Instagram. With over 700,000 monthly active Facebook users within Trinidad and Tobago alone, this online market is ripe with advertising opportunity.

3 Tips for Advertising on Facebook

  1. Yes, size matters – One of the most common issues I run into with clients concerns creative sizing. Facebook offers five ad types and four ad placements options; Facebook mobile and desktop. Therefore, it’s important to take note of the dimensions and composition of your brand’s creatives. Check out this Buffer blog for an all-in-one guide to ad sizes and video specifications for Facebook.

  2. Text is NOT your friend – The best memes say everything they need to, sometimes without a single line of text. Your ad should do the same. Whether it be still images, animated graphics or video, the message should resonate without being drowned in words. Facebook’s Text Overlay tool for ads is a simple way to check if your creative might need an edit before it goes live. Simply, upload a photo into the tool, and Facebook will apply a rating that tells you whether or not your ad will run.

  3. Be relevant, like Beyoncé – If you haven’t yet seen Beyoncé ’s breathtaking performance at Coachella, stop what you’re doing and get on it. As the New York Times wrote – “As Beyoncé has gotten older, she’s been making music that’s increasingly visceral, both emotionally and historically”. Marketers can draw inspiration here. Your defining factor is the value proposition that you bring to the market. It sets you apart from your competitors and keeps your audience coming back for more. So, focus on your audience and tailor your messages for their tastes and preferences.

For more on Facebook Advertising, see their extensive list of guidelines here.


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