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Emmy Awards 2016 – And the winners are…

Last night’s Emmy Awards brought with it some expected results and some well-deserved surprises. Game of Thrones walked away with 12 awards including Outstanding Drama Series and now holds the record for the show with the most Emmys. We expected nothing less from the realm! Breakout star Rami Malek won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for the critically acclaimed Mr. Robot, while Tatiana Maslany finally got her much deserved award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Orphan Black.

Other notable wins include:

1. Outstanding Comedy Series – Veep; Political satire at its finest, Veep continues to wow critics and audiences with its dry humor. Their Facebook page and Twitter keep us entertained with popular snips and quotes from the show and updates on upcoming seasons.

2. Outstanding Television Movie – Sherlock: The Abominable Bride; Arguably BBC’s most popular show, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are a match made in detective heaven. While both actors don’t have dedicated social accounts, Sherlock’s Facebook has over 5.6 million followers and hype is building for Season 4.

3. Outstanding Variety Sketch Series – Key and Peele; one of the more underrated sketch experiences, they finally received recognition for their highly relatable comedy. They’ve garnered a huge following over the years and though the show is now over, their Facebook page continues to remind us of their genius.

4. Outstanding Variety Talk Series – Last Week Tonight with John Oliver; John Oliver made a name for himself on Last Week Tonight covering topics outside the usual late night repertoire including televangelism, public defenders and sex education. Their Facebook and Youtube are regularly updated and Youtube includes web exclusive clips.

Click here for a full list of Emmy winners. For us at ACM, the question of the hour is how much has social media influenced the popularity of shows and actors/actresses? Do you think fans are capable of putting pressure on the academy to give recognition where it’s due? Without social media, would shows like Key and Peele or Orphan Black continue to fly under the Academy radar?

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