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How to Take Advantage of Content and Trends in 2019

There’s no denying that it’s been a year for trending topics (and we’re only in April). From Gillette to Netflix and Bird Box to Marie Kondo to Brexit. Not to mention the long-awaited merger between Disney and Fox or, most recently, Game of Thrones.

I haven’t even delved into memes, but I digress.

If there’s one constant we can takeaway from this, it’s that content marketing continues to rule the digital space. Content that’s done within the scope of a strategy and SMART goals is the strongest and most cost-effective method for bringing value to a business’ desired audience. Your audience fuels your earned media i.e. their engagement on your platforms. In turn, trending topics have the power to elevate your content and provide fresh context based off of your audience’s tastes.

However, not everything will be applicable to any one business. To understand how content works is to understand how people consume it on a daily basis. It’s knowing where your audience lives online, and meeting their needs accordingly. ACM has worked with many businesses, both locally and internationally. In our experience, that understanding comes down to education and transparency. Based on our four pillars, here are some ways you can learn to take advantage of content, and by extension trends, in 2019:

Strategy – Can We Change?

Pauline’s blog gives a humorous overview of phrases businesses need to stop using in 2019 and beyond. How you view digital, and how open you are to learning about it, sets the foundation for either embracing or discarding opportunities.

Creative – #10YearChallenge

Remember that hashtag? It took the internet by storm. From Toyota to ESPN, companies and brands jumped on the bandwagon, and in many cases, increased their engagement because of it. It might seem cheesy, but leveraging these viral conversations does draw free eyes to your page. Just remember, the chase for relevance isn’t always worth it, as I wrote in my blog here.

Communicate – Chatbots Can Help

Our team has been working working with a chatbot for one of our clients, and the results have been impressive. The purpose of the bot is to disseminate information in a personalized way, offering tailored links and updated information on activities on the page. With access to over 1,500+ Facebook users, the engagement and data have given a unique glimpse of our audience, and their wants and needs.

Audit – Data Drives Content

Want to put your best content marketing foot forward? This article needs to be in your bookmarks. Buzzsumo is a product, but the article shares data most readers would never have access to. It includes what titles you should use for your blogs, the types of content that are performing the best across the internet, and more.

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