How-To: The LinkedIn Series 1

Your business has decided; based on your research and understanding of your social media needs, you’re convinced that LinkedIn will be an advantageous addition to your channel.

Of course, the basics are important and the most obvious question here would be ‘How do I create a LinkedIn company page?’ The following is a short guide to ensure a (hopefully) painless setup.

Step One:

On the LinkedIn homepage, there are multiple tabs to peruse. For this conversation, ‘Interests’ is your go-to. Hover and you’ll be provided with a list of choices. Click on ‘Companies’ to start your journey.

Step Two:

You should be seeing the same or similar view below for ‘Companies’. Notice on the right hand side there’s an option to ‘Create a Company Page’. Go ahead and click ‘Create’.

Step 3:

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. Enter your company name and email, and be sure to check the box to verify the information.

Couple things to note at this stage:

  1. LinkedIn wouldn’t accept general emails e.g. Gmail, Outlook etc. The company email address must be a valid domain or you’ll receive the following error message:

  1. Additionally if your company name clashes with another LinkedIn company page, you will need to tweak the name. For example, when setting up AC Marketing on LinkedIn, there was already a company with that title. As such, we decided to use the full title – AC Marketing Worldwide.

Step 4:

You’re almost there! This final page requires some pertinent information before LinkedIn will allow you to publish your company page. Among other specifics, you have to provide a company website URL and a company description (min. 250 characters). Feel free to add:

  1. Company Logo (Minimum 300 x 300 pixels, 400 x 400 pixels is the recommended size PNG/JPEG/GIF format, Maximum 4 MB, square layout).

  2. Banner Image (Minimum 646×220 pixels, PNG/JPEG/GIF format, Maximum 2 MB, landscape layout, image should be wider rather than taller).

When you’re satisfied, click ‘Publish’ on the top, right-hand corner and you’re set – welcome to LinkedIn!


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