Social Media Roundup – Week 4

Heading to Tobago? Book your ferry tickets online!

It’s a necessary addition to the Inter-Island Ferry Service and one that Trinbagonians have anticipated for some time. As of September 1st, persons are able to purchase ferry tickets online, with certain addendums. There should be a more robust strategy in place to promote this service on social and digital media. Currently the related posts on Facebook do not have a solid call to action, and the website link in the ‘About’ section produces a ‘page cannot be displayed’ error. Information needs to be easily accessible, especially via a social media, one of the most cost effective methods of disseminating important data.

Barbados is saying goodbye to heavy backpacks!

Barbados is close to ACM’s heart, so we stray from the social to digital space to praise the impending introduction of e-textbooks at secondary schools on the island. It’s a brilliant move that’s in keeping with modern technological opportunities. Additionally, it takes into consideration factors such as the cost of textbooks and replacements and the long-term effect of carrying heavy backpacks. Ultimately, exposing students to technology from an early age cultivates an understanding of the digital world that continues to rapidly advance year over year.

Target employee’s viral first week

In our SMR Week 3, we mentioned Skyscanner’s excellent customer service on Facebook and companies allowing their customer reps to have fun. This week, a Target employee’s Tumblr post summarizing his first week on the job went viral for its comical touch. It’s a playful chronicle of everyday observances, from normal encounters to outright weird. Most importantly, it feels like a PR dream for Target. The post has helped garner organic reach and interest in Target, with the story being picked up by various media outlets. Like we mentioned last week, while not every good moment will go viral, the ones that do are worth more than an ad budget can buy.

How Denny’s rode the viral Apple wave

No sooner had Apple launched its brand new iPhone 7 than Denny’s leveraged the moment to post some quirky gifs on their Twitter. Many saw it as Denny’s throwing shade on Apple and others were amused by the diner’s cheek. This is a quick example of taking note of important industry events and smartly inserting your brand into the conversation. 

#Winning at Instagram

AC Marketing started an Instagram account just over two months ago and the results have been incredible, to say the least. As an experiment, we built presence on the platform organically and observed the factors that led to increased reach and followers. We discovered that consistent posts, relevant hashtags and a clean aesthetic enhances ACM’s brand image keeps our audience coming back to view new posts.

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