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Three Ways to Do Content Right, Like Netflix

If you didn’t know where the phrase was coined, ‘Content is King’ remains a relevant read. The 1996 essay, penned by Bill Gates, still echoes its sentiments throughout the internet today. Look no further than Netflix, for example. Its content engine is constantly churning. From its original and 3rd party series to contributing memes to crossover videos, there’s no sign of the streaming giant slowing down. The latter, in particular, caught my eye recently. The digitally exclusive videos show various Netflix original characters interacting with each other ‘inside’ Netflix. The Queer Eye/BoJack Horseman video was an immediate favorite for me as a diehard fan of both shows.

Crossovers aren’t a new phenomenon. Given how beloved many of Netflix’s original shows are, it’s a common sense promotional approach. However, it also speaks to a more straightforward conclusion. Mainly that the best content available to us is sitting, waiting, in our business. All it needs is to be dusted off and repurposed for a specific audience or digital touchpoint. This throwback mud volcano footage from CNC3 was an attempt at repurposed content, something we rarely see from our local media.

I’ve worked with many clients, and seen the undue pressure that content marketing has caused them. More times than not, they don’t realize they’re unknowingly sitting on a plethora of valuable and leverageable 1st party content. In those cases, curation (3rd party content) is usually defaulted to, especially on social media. However, pure curation will not communicate expertise in the same way that an original blog or native video would. Consistent and engaging content across the digital board is a differentiable element that your business can build on. Here are three way you can start thinking outside of the box:

Evergreen Content

This is quality content that will always be relevant and continues to attract traffic well past its publication date. My colleague’s blog is an example of that. Keep track of your analytics and see what’s been working over time. Then, think of how you can freshen things up to present to a new audience or touchpoint. AC Marketing does this with our weekly newsletters. We hone in on long-standing blogs and other content, and elaborate on them within that exclusive environment.

Popular Content

What’s your most popular piece of content in the last month? Has anything changed regarding the topic? Is there more information you can add to it? Keep stock of these questions when reviewing your archives. AC Marketing’s recent From Resume to LinkedIn event was born from a series of engaging LinkedIn posts from two influencers in the TT community. Their indirect personal branding message on the platform became the main focal point in that first session.

Old Becomes New (Content)

A post shared by AC Marketing Caribbean (@acmcaribbean) on Mar 6, 2019 at 10:31am PST

Some of your content will ultimately become outdated. Whether it be obsolete analytics or tools that are no longer available or a trending topic that’s no longer relevant. That doesn’t mean it can’t be rethought. AC Marketing’s Instagram is consistently built on updated regional statistics so our audience is kept abreast of changes across the social media landscape.

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