Build Custom KPIs to show the value of your Marketing Budget. Provide monthly reports that allows you to analyse the data
Audit Feature
  1. Custom Reporting
  2. Marketing Data Analysis
  3. Content Analysis
  4. Competitor Analysis
  5. Lead Evaluation (Sales)

An effective Digital Marketing Strategy starts with an in-depth knowledge of the region, the digital communications industry, and most importantly, your business and your customers. Our auditing services gather information, identify patterns, provide insights and make sense of the data to recommend an online strategy that will fit with your business goals and your existing processes.

Our comprehensive audit process involves Marketing Data Analysis, as well as a complete Content Analysis and Competitor Analysis. We will also assess relevant Lead Evaluation (Sales) to better understand you and develop strategies to help meet your targets. From here, we can conduct a thorough diagnosis of your business and Marketing needs and form the optimal Digital Marketing Strategy. After reviewing all the data on how you currently operate, we provide expert advice on how you may improve processes and overall strategy. Additionally, we can interpret this data to advise you on how to reduce your marketing budget – for example, LinkedIn may be a tool you could use to reduce your recruitment spend.

The audit process also enables effective Custom Reporting, so that once we have implemented your new Digital Marketing Strategy you can test its effectiveness and analyse the savings generated through our unique value proposition.

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