Skype Calls for SMEs

4 one hour sessions to help you succeed at Social Media for your business
Skype Feature
  1. Brand Identity
  2. Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning​
  3. How Social Helps You
  4. Integrating Social into Strategy

AC Marketing, believes in working side by side, step by step, with our clients to improve their Digital Marketing Strategy, their Digital Communication tools, and develop their business.

A critical part of how we achieve this is through consulting calls via Skype.

Your comprehensive Digital Marketing consultation sessions will cover, among other topics:

  • Brand Identity
  • Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning​
  • How Social Helps You
  • Integrating Social into Strategy

Use our online booking service for faster and easier bookings, and let us work with you to build a mutually-beneficial prosperous business relationship.

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