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Facebook is the most effective social network in the Caribbean. It is the only place you can reach millions of clients and have the potential to communicate with them freely.

How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Owning Social

There’s something deeply refreshing about a social media feed that is unapologetically authentic. Just look at Wendy’s legendary penchant for #shade, or Arby’s knowledge of pop culture, obscure or otherwise, or Ariana Grande’s entertaining relationship with her fans. Authenticity can’t be forced or duplicated from another source. It’s a trait that shows that a brand

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Online vs Offline Media. Why Not Both?

The Problem One of the most enduring arguments I’ve heard against building an online presence is ‘My audience doesn’t use <insert flavor of platform here>. It’s the mantra of traditionalism, marketing rooted in familiar channels of television and radio, and sitting somewhere in-between the Selling and Marketing orientations. It’s unsurprising, but no less disconcerting. Change,

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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts During Disasters

The country is still unsettled after flooding across Trinidad and Tobago left many citizens displaced. Businesses, big and small, took to social media to express their thoughts to those affected. There were some that needed social media guidance and others that did well to walk the straight and sensitive line. With this in mind, we’ve

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Feel Like a Pro With These Facebook Ad Tools

Delving into the Facebook Ad world is an experience for any advertiser. From seemingly endless features, to audience types and beyond, it’s chock full of customization options based on your goals and objectives. Furthermore, efficiency becomes a top priority as you get more hands on. Thankfully, there are many tools to support seamless day-today operations.

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Lookalike Audiences and 3 Reasons to Use Them

Fresh off of watching the Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse trailer, I dived back into the world of Facebook lookalike audiences with a smile. People-based targeting is an important element of any well-constructed campaign. This audience type feeds into that theory. It provides us with an effective and measurable way to use data for optimal advertising

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What Do Your Marketing Objectives Mean?

“We don’t have enough bandwidth for this, Nicole.” I think about that sentence often because let’s face it, corporate jargon isn’t everyone’s forte. Honestly, it can become frustrating when you’re always surrounded by complicated buzzwords. One look at this infographic will remind you that there are worse faux pas than using ‘um’ as a filler

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