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Facebook is the most effective social network in the Caribbean. It is the only place you can reach millions of clients and have the potential to communicate with them freely.

Is Meme Culture Ruining Your Social Media?

Trust me, I get it. We all want to be Wendy’s. There is no denying that the fast-food chain’s Twitter presence is 🔥. Their recent National Roast Day was a continued lesson in viral conversations, real-time engagement, and a generous serving of memes and #shade. Their team has weaponized their vast knowledge of ongoing trends

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What Clients Asked Me About Social Media in 2018

Change isn’t easy. I’ve seen two extremes from businesses when it comes to the social media conversation. Either they’re heavy-handed in their assumptions that social cannot generate sales or they shy away from the conversation entirely. I’ve watched social be relegated to the back of the class; an ‘add-on’ that discredits its nature as a

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How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Owning Social

There’s something deeply refreshing about a social media feed that is unapologetically authentic. Just look at Wendy’s legendary penchant for #shade, or Arby’s knowledge of pop culture, obscure or otherwise, or Ariana Grande’s entertaining relationship with her fans. Authenticity can’t be forced or duplicated from another source. It’s a trait that shows that a brand

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Online vs Offline Media. Why Not Both?

The Problem One of the most enduring arguments I’ve heard against building an online presence is ‘My audience doesn’t use <insert flavor of platform here>. It’s the mantra of traditionalism, marketing rooted in familiar channels of television and radio, and sitting somewhere in-between the Selling and Marketing orientations. It’s unsurprising, but no less disconcerting. Change,

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