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Instagram has become the most engaging platform in the Caribbean since its Facebook acquisition. Partly because of its simplicity, it allows retail and FMCG companies access to millions of potential customers.

Vogue Used Instagram Stories to Boost Subscriptions

“What’s the Story on Stories”, is Instagram Business’ latest panel discussion regarding its Stories feature. Facebook’s Managing Director of Entertainment, Media and Technology, Jennifer Howard, interviewed Vogue magazine’s Eden Gorcey and Abby Sjoberg. Eden is Senior Vice President, Enterprise Strategy of Condé Nast, of which Vogue is a product. Abby is Director of Audience Development,

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Three Ways to Do Content Right, Like Netflix

If you didn’t know where the phrase was coined, ‘Content is King’ remains a relevant read. The 1996 essay, penned by Bill Gates, still echoes its sentiments throughout the internet today. Look no further than Netflix, for example. Its content engine is constantly churning. From its original and 3rd party series to contributing memes to

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Is Meme Culture Ruining Your Social Media?

Trust me, I get it. We all want to be Wendy’s. There is no denying that the fast-food chain’s Twitter presence is 🔥. Their recent National Roast Day was a continued lesson in viral conversations, real-time engagement, and a generous serving of memes and #shade. Their team has weaponized their vast knowledge of ongoing trends

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How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Owning Social

There’s something deeply refreshing about a social media feed that is unapologetically authentic. Just look at Wendy’s legendary penchant for #shade, or Arby’s knowledge of pop culture, obscure or otherwise, or Ariana Grande’s entertaining relationship with her fans. Authenticity can’t be forced or duplicated from another source. It’s a trait that shows that a brand

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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Quick Replies

Part of managing your Instagram business account includes responding to every message and comment in a timely manner. Luckily, the thoughtful people at Instagram have created the Quick Replies feature. Let’s be honest, even the simple action of replying is quite time consuming and time is limited. Quick Replies saves responses to the questions your business receives

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