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Instagram has become the most engaging platform in the Caribbean since its Facebook acquisition. Partly because of its simplicity, it allows retail and FMCG companies access to millions of potential customers.

How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Owning Social

There’s something deeply refreshing about a social media feed that is unapologetically authentic. Just look at Wendy’s legendary penchant for #shade, or Arby’s knowledge of pop culture, obscure or otherwise, or Ariana Grande’s entertaining relationship with her fans. Authenticity can’t be forced or duplicated from another source. It’s a trait that shows that a brand

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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Quick Replies

Part of managing your Instagram business account includes responding to every message and comment in a timely manner. Luckily, the thoughtful people at Instagram have created the Quick Replies feature. Let’s be honest, even the simple action of replying is quite time consuming and time is limited. Quick Replies saves responses to the questions your business receives

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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts During Disasters

The country is still unsettled after flooding across Trinidad and Tobago left many citizens displaced. Businesses, big and small, took to social media to express their thoughts to those affected. There were some that needed social media guidance and others that did well to walk the straight and sensitive line. With this in mind, we’ve

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Instagram Nametags…Why?

Instagram recently launched their Nametags feature and it had me asking, why? The Instagram Nametag feature allows users to share their usernames visually in a customizable image. If you’re accustomed to typing out the long_rid.cul0us_nam3 of a profile you wanted to follow, then it’s time to upgrade with this scanning feature! But why should your

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Stay ahead of the game with Instagram Collections

Some Instagram posts are worth keeping. Instagram has a feature for that too! But how can your business take advantage of it? Stop screenshotting posts for reference when you can utilize the Instagram Collection feature. On a regular day, 80 million photos are shared, we’re sure at least one is worth saving.The Instagram Collection feature allows

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Janouras instagram story question

You should start using Instagram Questions sticker right now

Instagram questions sticker has turned Instagram stories into a survey. Though annoying in the personal sphere of things, it’s Christmas in July for business pages. Your business should beat this iron while its hot because it is trending. Also, people love to give their opinions on social media. Here are the top 2 reasons why

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