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4 Links Every Caribbean Business Needs for their Website

If you own a business and do not have a website, you’re losing revenue. A website becomes your storefront and gives your potential customer information about your business with minimal effort. There are multiple elements to a great website, however your need to know about the following;


Getting a domain name for your company is the first step to getting your business recognized. Some local companies register with .tt, .bb, etc., while .com is usually the most common country code top-level domains used to register a website. is my preferred option where you can find and register domains, since it’s easy to navigate through and doesn’t require much of your budget. To find out more, watch this Linkedin video.

SSL Certificate

Installing an SSL certificate is a ‘must’ for every website, especially e-commerce businesses and companies offering products and services. What’s so important about it? Well, it’s a way to tell every visitor that everything they do on the page is safe and encrypted, and they can safely communicate and shop on it.

It costs only a few dollars and increases your site’s reputation with Google and other search engines. Simply put, SSL certificates offer secure connections to the site from remote addresses. In short, they create trust between the visitors and domain owners (businesses), and are highly recommended to install, especially if you plan on trading via your website. The way it works is neatly explained in this one minute video.

Web Hosting

Finding the perfect web hosting to store all your website data in is never an easy task to do. SiteGround is my favourite, where you’re able to store multiple websites, get plenty of web space, and get many extra features, for a small fee. It’s also worth noting that their tech support is praised by many top companies and businesses for being quick and able to solve every issue in a matter of minutes. Interested? Check out this link for more info.

Content Management

It’s time to set up the website. Some of the world’s largest companies use the WordPress platform for their official websites, including CNN, Volkswagen, Reuters, etc. If you’re looking for the ideal platform to publish the content for your website, you should definitely choose WordPress. It’s open source and includes video tutorials, even those with no experience will find their way around building a company website. If you need better explanation, watch the following Linkedin video.

We can no longer rely on the Yellow Pages to reach our customers. Your business must create a unique URL and supporting content for your website. It’s the only way for you to maximise your advertising and marketing spend.

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