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5 YouTube x Gen Z Stats You Should Know

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

YouTube has become a go-to platform for Gen Z, offering a wealth of content and opportunities for brands to connect with this influential demographic. To effectively engage with Gen Z on YouTube, it's crucial to understand key statistics and insights about their preferences and behaviours. In this blog post, we dive into YouTube’s 2022 Culture & Trends Report to explore five important YouTube x Gen Z stats and discuss how brands can leverage this data to their advantage, fostering meaningful connections and driving brand loyalty.

65% of Gen Z prioritize personally relevant content over popular trends:

Gen Z values content that resonates with their individual interests and experiences. A significant 65% of Gen Z agrees that personally relevant content is more important than what is popularly discussed. Brands can leverage this insight by tailoring their YouTube content to address the specific needs, aspirations, and challenges of Gen Z. By providing content that speaks directly to their audience's interests and values, brands can establish authenticity and cultivate a dedicated following.

57% of Gen Z appreciates brand participation in memes:

Memes have become a significant part of Gen Z's online culture. Approximately 57% of Gen Z agree that they appreciate it when brands participate in memes. Brands that can cleverly integrate memes into their YouTube content can tap into this cultural phenomenon, connecting with Gen Z on a relatable and entertaining level. By embracing meme culture, brands can foster a sense of authenticity, humour, and relevance, increasing their appeal to this tech-savvy generation.

59% of Gen Z uses short-form video apps to discover content for longer viewing:

Short-form video apps have become an entry point for Gen Z to discover content that captures their interest. An impressive 59% of Gen Z agree that they use short-form video apps to explore topics they later watch longer versions of. Brands can leverage this behaviour by creating attention-grabbing snippets or teasers on YouTube that pique Gen Z's curiosity and drive them to seek out longer, more in-depth content. By strategically bridging short and long-form content, brands can capture and retain Gen Z's attention.

69% of Gen Z finds comfort in returning to favourite creators or content:

Gen Z seeks familiarity and comfort in their online experiences. A significant 69% of Gen Z agrees that they often find themselves returning to creators or content that feels comforting to them. Brands can build loyalty and engagement by establishing a consistent presence on YouTube and creating content that evokes a sense of comfort, community, or emotional connection. By nurturing a dedicated audience base, brands can create a loyal following that supports and advocates for their content.

82% of Gen Z turns to YouTube for nostalgic content:

Nostalgia holds a powerful sway over Gen Z's media consumption habits. A whopping 82% of Gen Z has used YouTube to watch content that elicits nostalgic feelings. Brands can tap into this sentiment by incorporating nostalgic elements in their YouTube videos, such as references to popular culture, trends, or experiences from the past. By evoking nostalgia, brands can forge a deeper emotional connection with Gen Z viewers, fostering positive associations and long-lasting brand affinity.


Understanding the YouTube x Gen Z landscape is crucial for brands seeking to engage with this influential demographic. By recognizing Gen Z's preference for personally relevant content, appreciating brand participation in memes, leveraging short-form content discovery, providing comforting experiences, and invoking nostalgia, brands can create compelling YouTube strategies that resonate with Gen Z's unique preferences.

By embracing these statistics, brands can authentically connect with Gen Z, foster brand loyalty, and drive meaningful engagement on YouTube. By staying informed about Gen Z's shifting preferences and consistently delivering relevant, relatable, and memorable content, brands can carve out a successful presence on YouTube, captivating and retaining the attention of this powerful consumer segment.

*** The data referenced in this report was retrieved from YouTube’s 2022 Culture& Trends Report


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