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How Linkedin Opened My Eyes to Infinite Possibilities

I’ll be the first to admit, that blog title is a tad clickbait-y. However, I rest the blame squarely on the shoulders of Pauline, who has spent an inordinate amount of time cheerleading for the platform. Not only that, she (and many others) have proven how influential Linkedin can be within the local market. Within forty-eight hours, her and Jarrod’s event, From Resume to Linkedin, reached registration capacity. I’d barely passed go on a series of ads before I had to pull them back, overwhelmed by the organic response.

Linkedin is OP. Periodt.

For an introvert like me, however, getting down and dirty with Linkedin can be challenging, to say the least. It’s virtual, which is a comfort, but it’s also a virtual highway that involves interacting with people in a fairly professional setting. Unnerving? Yes. Impossible? Not at all! Like I wrote in my previous blog:

There is no need to go from 0 to 100 in the space of a blink. That’s a recipe for further procrastination moving outside your comfort zone. Slow down, assess yourself, and set realistic goals. Don’t overexert yourself for the sake of fast progress. Being an introvert doesn’t disappear; remember, you’re trying to work around it, not against it. Blog: An Introvert’s Guide to Being Less Introverted

I’m not in the deep end of the Linkedin pool just yet, but I’m wading in slowly. If you’re thinking about getting started on Linkedin, here are a few tips to kickstart your experience:

Search is Your Friend

Click in the search bar, and search follow the options via

Are you looking for persons working within a specific industry, company, or location? Do they speak different languages? What school did they attend? Using the search function to find people you know and who you can connect with is as easy as a few filters and clicks. Linkedin is all about networking, so of course you should spend time reaching outside your usual circle and forging new relationships. A simple message can be all it takes to reap unbelievable long-term value.

Follow All the Hashtags

Tailor your Linkedin experience with hashtags via

So, the bane of social networks are news feeds that aren’t in chronological order. I’m still rolling my eyes, honestly. Thankfully, Linkedin has searchable hashtags which you can follow at your leisure, thus tailoring (to an extent) what you see on your feed. Currently, Trinidad and Tobago has #linkedintt, a hashtag started by Kevin Garcia that chronicles the local Linkedin scene. Pauline has #bookmarktuesday, a set day for her posting digital tips and tricks. Think about what you’re interested in, and find the corresponding hashtag. You’ll thank me later.

You Get a Tag! And You Get a Tag!

My first day at WeWork Montreal demanded a tag afterwards via

Ah yes, another introverted nightmare – drawing attention to yourself. So, believe me when I say that tagging people, brands, and companies in your posts is an excellent way to ask questions, raise awareness of a specific topic, or give shoutouts, for example. Did that post from your favorite guru give you the motivation to get through your Monday? Are you loving a particular service and want to gush about why? Was there an innovation that caught your eye and you have a few opinions to share? Tag away. It helps builds confidence as you exercise your expertise, and learn from others around you.

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