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I Got a Side Job On LinkedIn

On the heels of our “From Resume to LinkedIn” event where you can learn about personal branding (shameless plug), my experience with LinkedIn may surprise you. I actually became employed by someone who found me on LinkedIn, ta-da! It was AC Marketing Was I looking for a job? Not really. Would the extra income come in handy? Hellz yeah. So, here’s how that story goes.

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Not a Fan

I was never a fan of LinkedIn. I only joined because people said employers look for potential candidates there. Updated my profile, when I remembered, or when the occasional email came in to add someone to my network. I had connections waiting to be accepted for months, truth be told, . I was that disinterested. One fine day, a day in February, after sending months late “Congrats on your work anniversary” responses, I stumbled upon an actual message.

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The message contained information on becoming a part-time Content Creator to create blogs, social media posts, and other content. The person also mentioned that I would be working remotely, receive training and that their Graphic Artist lived in Penal (where I lived). Sketchy…were my initial thoughts. Consequently, I provided my email for further info. and went on to clear notifications. I did receive an email, explaining what was required, training, remuneration, which all evolved into a contract. Crazy right?

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Oh the Possibilities!

Its been a year since my side job found me on LinkedIn. Has it been easy? Nope. But, I definitely enjoy everything I have learned thus far. Who would have thought this basic profile could garner attention? Since then, I’ve been on the learning road to personal branding. Sharing the content I create for AC Marketing to other platforms and encouraging others to make use of Linkedin. If you’d like to kick your profile up a notch or ten, come to “From Resume to Linkedin". Find out ways to push your profile before the eyes of top recruiters in the country.

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What has your experience been with LinkedIn? Do you see its value? Let us know!

Interested in attending? AC Marketing and Microsoft will be hosting From Resume to Linkedin, an exclusive networking event on February 21st. Register now!

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