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Linkedin Local Trinidad #2 – Roundup

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AC Marketing’s 2nd Linkedin Local event was a blast! The evening was dedicated to discussing how to build your online community. Networking can seem intimidating or even a chore, but with Linkedin at your disposal, a little goes a long way. Pauline and Engel solidified what I wrote in the blog leading up to the event:

Linkedin has become a more frequented hub within the local professional community. As such, there is a space for your story; all you have to do is find your voice.

Check out the links below for insight from our speakers, snapshots from attendees and more.

How Did #linkedinlocal Get Its Start?

Founder Anna McAfee talks about the genesis of this amazing global movement. Sometimes, a simple idea can spawn incredible opportunities. Watch the video she did for #linkedinlocaltrinidad above.

Headphones at the Ready!

Engel Jones joined us for #linkedinlocaltrinidad and as some of you may know, he runs his own podcast. Interested in creating a podcast of your own? Connect with him here!

Our Growing Community

We’re learning, growing and having fun together. The photos from our 2nd event are up on our Facebook page. We hope to see everyone at the 3rd edition of #linkedinlocaltrinidad!

Follow the hashtag #linkedinlocaltrinidad on Linkedin for updates from past and future events

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