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3 things Every Caribbean Business can learn from Netflix Livestreaming their Global Fan Event 

The phrase New Normal has affected your customers. They’re doing their best to cope with curfew hours, online schooling, and the inconvenience of wearing a mask while shopping. 

As a business owner, you must fully understand your customers’ behaviour to maintain your bottom line. There is no profit without commerce. Therefore, it’s essential to include a Digital Strategy within your Sales approach because social media is the most popular escapism during the lockdown. 

The people at Netflix understands the value of social media. It’s easy to forget that Netflix was originally a DVD rental company. They made the shift to streaming in 2007 and has become part of Caribbean Culture. It was ranked in the top ten visited websites across most of the islands, including Barbados. 

That’s why it’s safe to presume that thousands of Caribbean people were watching Tudum: A Netflix Global Fan Event. If you missed it, I’d give you a quick summary of what you can learn from the most popular streaming service in the world. 

Live Streaming and the Algorithm

Every Social Media platform prioritises Live events in its algorithm. Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube have been clamouring in my inbox to share ways to maximise their live feature. This type of shift from the tech giants is a good indication of what content will show up on your customer’s newsfeed. 

We’re in a global pandemic, which means we have the same problems, no matter where you are in the world. Therefore, you need to invest your marketing budget in the direction of the algorithm. 

Sales in Entertainment

If you’re reading this and cannot relate to my eyes rolling from the ridiculous sales pitch messages on LinkedIn, tell me, how can I have your life? 

Caribbean culture is filled with storytelling. The Nicki Minaj tweet that put Trinidad in the Global news cycle was a visual take on sharing information. It’s always someone’s cousin friend who went off to do something crazy and turns into a great story being shared while someone pours the rum on ice. 

Sadly, it rarely translates to how we sell to customers – which is baffling to me. We have this unique skill set as natural as breathing, yet we choose the challenging route of pushing an agenda that no one cares about. 

Ultimately, Netflix hosted a 3+ hour show to sell me their $8.99 per month subscription service. Their carefully curated video was filled with stories from different shows and movies worldwide, yet the cost of their service was addressed at no point in time. 

Live doesn’t mean Live

There were forty-seven segments, with 50+ celebrities across the world. It would be a nightmare to host this type of format in real-time. Instead, the Netflix marketing team recorded and edited these videos beforehand. Celebrities were given a script and allowed to film in different parts of the world. 

Not everyone has a Netflix budget, but you can record content before publishing it as a live video. Companies like Streamyard make it easier for businesses to upload video files and schedule them on social media. Check out this example from one of our clients. 

It’s comforting to fantasise about life before Corona was just a beer. However, that’s no longer the world we live in. Your business needs to adapt, and what better way than to learn from a company that outlived the DVD player?


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