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LinkedIn Ups the Ante: From Creators to Publishers, Fostering Industry-Specific Engagement

LinkedIn is shifting gears! While creator monetization is a hot trend across platforms, LinkedIn is taking a different approach. Their focus is now solidifying ties with professional publishers to boost industry-specific engagement within the platform. 

Why the Change? 

This strategic shift aligns with LinkedIn's mission of connecting professionals with economic opportunity. Instead of individual creators, professional publishers with industry expertise are seen as the key to delivering high-value content that sparks meaningful conversations on the platform. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Focus on niche, informative content: LinkedIn is working with over 400 news publishers globally, providing them with insights on trending topics to optimize their posts and deliver valuable industry knowledge

  • Positive and informative engagement: Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn prioritizes positive and informative content, steering away from divisive topics. As Dan Roth, LinkedIn's editor-in-chief, states, "professionals should be getting insights that help them be better at their jobs." 

  • Farewell Creator Mode: The platform is removing the "Creator Mode" option, acknowledging that most LinkedIn users are already experts in their fields. Their expertise, rather than general content creation, is seen as the driving force for value and insights

  • Investing in diverse content formats: Beyond working with publishers, LinkedIn is also: 

  • Investing in its podcast network for deeper dives into industry topics. 

  • Running a video sponsorship pilot with selected publishers to increase high-quality video content within specific niches. 

What this means for you: 

  • Marketers: This shift presents an opportunity to target specific industry nichesby leveraging industry-specific content. As the platform prioritizes in-depth and insightful posts, your marketing efforts could benefit from engaging in these niche discussions and building valuable connections. 

  • Professionals: Stay tuned! With more specific industry-based discussions emerging, LinkedIn has the potential to become an even more resourceful and valuable tool for your professional growth. 

The future of LinkedIn:

As LinkedIn focuses on niche expertise and insightful content, it has the potential to transform into a powerful platform for professionals seeking valuable industry knowledge and meaningful connections. Whether you're a marketer looking to reach the right audience or a professional seeking to upskill, it's worth keeping an eye on these developments. 


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