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Stay ahead of the game with Instagram Collections

Some Instagram posts are worth keeping. Instagram has a feature for that too! But how can your business take advantage of it? Stop screenshotting posts for reference when you can utilize the Instagram Collection feature. On a regular day, 80 million photos are shared, we’re sure at least one is worth saving.The Instagram Collection feature allows users private or business, to save posts to their profile. If you don’t know how to use the feature, you can read about it here. Now that you’re ready for the insights, here are 4 ways using Instagram Collections can help you stay ahead of the game:

Keep an eye out

Looking at competitors

You can create an Instagram collection of posts that are unique to your competitors; their popular posts, influencers they work with and hashtags they use. This gives a fair idea of tactics you can mirror, trends you can follow in your industry and best practices. You can always refer to this collection when creating your marketing strategies and content calendar. Don’t worry…no one will ever know.

Your audience working for you

customer support

Another Instagram collection your business can create is one filled with customers talking about what your business offers. Everyone loves a good recommendation or reference. This collection can be separated by different items and named accordingly. It especially comes in handy when it’s a slow day for content or when it’s time to report on your social media progress.

Later alligator

Time management with Instagram Collections

Time is of the essence and you may not always have the opportunity to respond to every comment or tag right away. For the busy Social Media Managers, you can create a collection of posts from users that you can get back to later. Just remember that you have a reminder section!

Just do it!

Motivation collections

Lastly, inspiration. One can never have too many inspo posts. Create a collection of Inspirational posts relevant to what your business is trying to achieve. Refer to it every so often as a spark to where you would like your business to be. Align this collection to your overall goals and objectives.

These are just a few ways you can use Instagram Collections. Go ahead and hoard posts to your liking. Do you use the feature for another purpose in business? Tell us, we’d be happy to add your collection to this blog!

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