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The Digital Chronicles – An Introduction

I’ve dabbled in a few things in the last few years, from over-the-counter customer service representative, to working in the public service, to contract with a brewery. My last experience, an unexpected internship with Microsoft, has gotten me back on the Marketing track at the best time possible. Now, in my present position, I find myself with a new name.

Call me Monster. #ContentMonster

A video posted by Collision Entertainment (@collisionent) on Apr 9, 2016 at 10:12am PDT

Two months ago I was presented with a unique opportunity to enter the world of Digital Marketing. The above video is one of the first pieces of content I had the pleasure of capturing for Collision Entertainment. Though I’ve been exposed to and managed marketing-related projects in the past, ranging from event coordination to virtual training sessions, I was an outsider looking in at digital in its purest form. 

Enter the quest-giver, a.k.a my boss, who proceeded to overwhelm me as I jumped headfirst into the rabbit hole. I understood digital from a user perspective, but a content creator and curator’s perspective? Two completely different holes.

It’s been an intense learning experience from day one, and I’ve assumed the role of Content Monster with a smile, up for any challenge thrown my way. I learned very quickly that understanding a brand, the audience and practicing consistency among the different channels will take you past square one. Drawing inspiration from multiple sources and innovating accordingly is a critical day-to-day practice. Original content e.g. blogs and webinars builds your voice and attracts like-minded people to your brand. Engaging with your community stimulates conversation and encourages ongoing 2-way communication.

A photo posted by AC Marketing Worldwide (@acmarketingworldwide) on Jun 3, 2016 at 4:16am PDT

There is so much more, but you get the idea. I’m in a cornucopia of new and for me, someone who tends to get bored easily, this is the ultimate playground.

I recently completed my final exam for my Masters in Marketing, a 3-year journey that provided a much needed holistic view of the field. My new role as a Digital Marketer and Content Monster can only propel me further. I’m currently putting together a list of tips for digital/social managers (stay tuned for that blog!) and I’m excited to continue sharing my experiences as I traverse this dynamic Digital Marketing world.

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