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3 Reasons to post Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the first thing I look for on a Facebook page for a restaurant. Many customers do the same. There is an innate need to know what other customers are thinking about an establishment or service before viewing buttered posts. These reviews are usually detailed with honesty or simple statements of likes or dislikes. The good and the bad are both content. It’s time your business started using it. Here are 3 reasons why you should post customer reviews to your social media:

Customer reviews encourage

Motivation collections

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Customer reviews encourage other users to try whatever your business is offering. If its a positive review of course. You can post these statements to your social media showing that you have a satisfied customer base. As a result, your followers will feel the need to make contact with your business as a level of credibility is created.

Create opportunity


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Opportunities are made when customers review your business on social media. Let’s assume the review is a negative one. A customer received a damaged product and demands a refund. The opportunity arises to resolve the customer’s issue then and there on the review. Businesses shy away from bad reviews but this is a chance to reflect your brand’s best online customer service. If that customer is satisfied, he or she will become a brand ambassador for your business.

Shows appreciation

Thank you

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Even if it’s just to your business’ Instagram Story, you can post a customer review to say “Thank You”. Your customer will feel appreciated and it reflects well on your company’s culture. That appreciation may foster a return or new customer. There’s nothing more boring than a company that talks about itself all the time. Share a customer review and thank that customer for the opportunity to serve him/her.

Your business can take the good and the bad, spin it and make it great! Customers are the best ambassadors for your business. What they say (post) can make or break you. The power of the share button is unstoppable. Use this type of content to show that your business means what it posts.

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