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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Quick Replies

Part of managing your Instagram business account includes responding to every message and comment in a timely manner. Luckily, the thoughtful people at Instagram have created the Quick Replies feature. Let’s be honest, even the simple action of replying is quite time consuming and time is limited. Quick Replies saves responses to the questions your business receives often. Of course, these Quick Replies are set by you. Before you hurry over to your direct messages, here’s 3 reasons why you should use it:

Saves Time

When it comes to social media, anything that saves you time is something you should be using. Quick Replies is exactly what it says, a quick reply. These previously drafted messages are easily accessible from within the direct message. No need to copy and paste from your excel sheet.

Easy managing

Quick Replies come in handy for the days your social media manager may not be available (I’m looking at you, small business owner). If someone else is responding to direct messages, these replies leave very little room for error when responding to a frequently asked question. The information stays the same.

Shows your Customer Service

With all the time you’d be saving by responding to messages in a short space of time, your customer service should improve. Customers would no longer have to wait for you to construct a message. They would definitely appreciate it.

This feature is a life saver! However, don’t take for granted those customers that need extra attention in their queries. You can still use your Quick Replies but always take note that it may require an edit or two. Every conversation with a customer is priceless, pay attention and create a relationship for your brand.

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