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5 Reasons Why B2B Marketers Should Use LinkedIn in the Caribbean

LinkedIn is the best place for B2B marketers to build relationships and expand their network.

LinkedIn Ranks High for B2B Marketers Because

  • LinkedIn ads can reach 12 per cent of the population (Hootsuite)

  • 80 per cent of all social media B2B leads come from LinkedIn

  • The platform gives marketers access to an exclusive and professional targeted audience (matched audiences)

  • Buyers or businesses are searching for information about marketers through their LinkedIn Profiles

  • 97 per cent of social media leads to occur on LinkedIn

What is Trending on Social Media in 2020 and What Does It Mean For LinkedIn Users?

There is A Push For Private Meetings Online

All brands, especially in the Caribbean, should be trying to find a private virtual space to communicate with their audiences. It is true that half of the brands discovered online are found in public feeds but to stay ahead of the game, companies have to build more intimate and one-on-one discussions with their clients and followers.

LinkedIn has a messenger feature but the company could explore the idea of creating a messenger which allows local or regional groups or clubs to link up on LinkedIn via chat. It could mean better opportunities to network and build business relationships.

Shift from Face-to-Face Meeting to Virtual Selling

In this COVID-19 environment, marketers and salespersons have changed their strategies. Travel restrictions, cancellation of seminars and conferences, these business people are forced to explore new virtual ways of communicating and selling. Virtual meetings (in this case Microsoft Teams) are increasing in popularity and remote workers are seeing this as a part of the new normal.

The option of having a virtual meeting button or virtual meeting request on a member’s LinkedIn would make connecting to potential clients easier.

Caribbean B2B Marketers Must Make An Effort To Engage Audiences

B2B marketers are increasing their business by using LinkedIn features like Advanced search, saved searches, InMail, and publishing content. Regional marketers are using more resources and time on other social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have more traffic and more distractions. This has resulted in little to no content being posted on LinkedIn and a few followers.

On this professional social media platform size matters, the bigger network, the more likely marketers will reach those potential clients. But this will only happen when audiences see more engaging content.


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