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Best Practices for Online Interviews in the Caribbean

Some tips to ensure a seamless online interview in the Caribbean

Many Caribbean businesses have moved their departments and processes online since the onset of the pandemic. That includes job postings and interviews. Most companies are now having interviews over zoom or having the first interview over zoom and the second interview in person.

While online interviews will have the same format as a regular interview, there are some tips that are important to note and do to ensure the interview goes as well as possible.

Here are our tips for Online Interviews in the Caribbean:

1. Test your Internet Connection & have a Plan B

Firstly, ensure that you have downloaded the meeting software/tool that the company is using, for example, Zoom, Google Hangouts & Microsoft Teams. Most meeting software allows you to do a test run to see how your internet is performing. This is a good way to test wherein the house has the best internet connection and if the video quality is high. It is also important that your interviewer has your phone number and vice versa, especially, in the event that there are any issues. Your phone and data can be plan B if your internet gives trouble however, it is equally important to ensure that your data is up to par for the interview to carry on.

2. Organize your Interview Space

The space you occupy during an interview is significant, especially when it comes to any sounds and the background. You should ensure that you are in a quiet area that has limited noise that could interrupt the interview. Equally, all notifications on your phone and computer should also be turned off. As for the background, keep it as simple as possible. Avoid anything too busy that can be distracting. You should also choose a space that is not frequented by other people in the house or pets so that they are not in the background during the interview. Your interview space should be clean, clear and free of all distractions.

3. Dress for the Job You Want

Just because an interview is virtual, doesn’t mean that it has to be casual. Dressing the part is a great way to show the interviewee your professionalism and it can help build your confidence to carry out the interview. Depending on the industry the exact outfit can vary, however, dressing the part will go a long way. Most importantly, wear pants.

An interview can be nerve-wracking but once you have these three steps covered, you will feel a lot better about tackling the interview itself. Above all remember to go into the interview prepared as you would with an in-person interview and keep as calm and patient as you can!

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