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Trinidad and Tobago in 2024: A Look at Digital Trends

Here's a glimpse into the digital landscape of Trinidad and Tobago in 2024, based on the data extracted from DataReportal


Internet users: 

  • 1.23 million people in Trinidad and Tobago use the internet, representing 80.0% of the population. 

  • Internet user numbers increased by 0.2% from early 2023. 


Social media: 

  • 833,000 people in Trinidad and Tobago use social media, which is 54.2% of the population. 

  • Social media user numbers grew by 14.2% since early 2023. 

  • Facebook is the leading platform with 784,200 users, followed by Instagram (684,500 users) according to Meta's ad reach data. 

Mobile connections: 

  • There are 2.02 million cellular mobile connections in Trinidad and Tobago, exceeding the total population (131.6%). This suggests multiple connections per person. 

  • Mobile connections grew by 1.2% from the beginning of 2023. 


Other interesting insights: 

  • The median age in Trinidad and Tobago is 36.7. 

  • The population is nearly equally divided between females (50.7%) and males (49.3%). 

  • Over half the population (53.6%) lives in urban areas. 


Cautions and considerations: 

  • Data on social media user numbers might not represent unique individuals due to multiple accounts per person. 

  • Advertising reach figures may not directly correlate with actual user bases of social media platforms. 

  • Data from different sources may not be directly comparable due to different methodologies and collection periods. 

Overall, Trinidad and Tobago shows a healthy adoption of digital technologies with a growing internet user base and significant social media presence. Mobile connectivity is also widespread, exceeding the population count. Keep in mind the limitations mentioned when interpreting the data and explore the sources for further details and insights. 


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