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How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

It’s always good to take a long, hard look at ourselves and where we’re at sometimes. Weigh what’s been working and what can be changed. Due to social media being the bipolar girlfriend it is, we always have to assess and reassess how we use social networks for business. This is where a social media audit comes in. A social media audit is an audit that looks at different components that make up your brand’s social media and its effectiveness and value to your audience compared to competitors. Using my trusty learnings from this Hootsuite course, here’s how you can conduct a social media audit for your business using 3 components:

Audience Analysis

An audience analysis looks at the people that currently interact with your page and content. Knowing your audience, aids in knowing who you’re talking to where they’re from and other demographics. After analyzing your audience, you might notice that your content was not for the people in your audience. If your audience is predominantly female, you can begin to tailor your media to meet the needs of this audience. Next, identify who makes up your ideal audience and which social media network they might be on. Your content itself may have been in the wrong place all along.

Internal Audit

Now, look within. Go through all the social media networks your brand is active/ inactive on. List all the metrics associated with each account like reach, engagement rates, traffic, followers, etc. Put these stats on a sheet where you can see each compared to the other. This will help you to determine whether you should keep some of these profiles or not. You’d notice which content performs and which doesn’t. It may be difficult to part ways with some accounts but anything that doesn’t give value takes away. Your ad spends and other resources could be put to better use on profiles and pages that perform. This internal audit will provide perspective on where your brand is on social media and can be used as a measuring tool for improvement.

Competitive Audit

A competitive audit requires you to look at your competitor’s social media. Taking note of their achievements and lessons, basic metrics and content. What gives them the edge or upper hand on your business? Is this something you can implement for your brand without imitating? You can also look at brands that are not apart of your market but manage their social media in a way that you admire. Don’t think of a competitive audit as a challenge or struggle, think of it as an opportunity, insight or light bulb to your next success.

A social media audit overall helps to focus your business’s view on it’s goals. It also helps you to determine where your business fits in in the market. An audit is not a bad thing, it’s just a way you can regulate how your brand is being seen and if it’s being seen at all.

When was the last time you did a social media audit?

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