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How We Create Viral Content in the Caribbean

Every month ACM creates original and curated content. Original is much harder than curating. We try to create content that will resonate with our client’s audience and those outside of the ideal audience. What’s the motivation? Well…it's everything. Here’s how we created viral content in the Caribbean:


How do you #MakeItYours? Comment ❤️ if you drink your tea with milk and 💛 if you drink it without. #LiptonTea #LiptonTT #LiptonYellowLabel #NatureIsOurFactory Posted by Lipton on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Be inspired in order to create. Communication theory states nothing created is original. Everything is inspired by something else. Look at what brands similar to yours are doing and how their audience reacts. How can you be apart of this viral content conversation? If you don’t want to use a competitor as inspiration, look outside your market. Besides, there are many brands that differ but have created content that went viral. Analyze why this is and what works. Inspiration could be found in your everyday life. It’s in the way you made a cup of tea for Lipton.

And what did ACM learn from this Lipton post?

Viral Content is Familiar

Happy National Cheese Day! How good of a cheese cutter are you? lol Are you 1, 2, 3 or 4? Posted by Anchor Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Viral content is usually content that resonates with its audience. We combined this realization and our client’s brand together and voila. Out came our post on how you cut your cheese. It solidified what we knew all along about people using social media. Opinions. People love to give opinions, offer advice and just love to have a say in everything. And we gave them that chance!

Your Audience

#KitchenTipTuesdays Lambert recommends washing your tin cans before opening. Cans tend to collect dust and bacteria in storage which can make you unwell. Posted by Anchor Barbados on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Your audience is one of the biggest contributors to the content you create. Look at what your audience is discussing. What are their interests? Create based on that information. You don’t only have to do this online, remember these are real-life people. You can speak with people that fall into your target audience. Observe their mannerisms, likes, and dislikes. By merely observing, you’ll be surprised how much content you can create.

Have you ever created viral content for your brand? What was your motivation and what results did you see? Let us know!

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