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Is LinkedIn the New Fiverr?

Fiverr has become synonymous with freelance marketplaces, offering a vast pool of talent for businesses and individuals to tap into. But with LinkedIn Services Marketplace emerging, is it poised to become the new Fiverr? Let's explore the details and see how these platforms compare. 

What is Fiverr? 

Fiverr thrives on a free-market approach, connecting freelancers with clients across a wide range of services.  It boasts features like project management tools and payment facilitation, making it a one-stop shop for freelance work. 

What is LinkedIn Services Marketplace? 

LinkedIn Services Marketplace offers a more streamlined experience.  It's free for both freelancers and employers, allowing them to connect and exchange proposals. However, unlike Fiverr, it lacks project management and payment tools, functioning primarily as a meeting ground. 

How does LinkedIn Services Marketplace work? 

Step 1: Get Matched with Top Freelancers: Answer a few quick questions about your project. The platform will then identify up to 5 trusted freelancers with the skills and experience you need, saving you valuable time searching. 

Step 2: Choose with confidence: LinkedIn Services Marketplace empowers you to make informed choices.  Review detailed profiles showcasing skills and experience, get insights from past client recommendations, and leverage shared connections to find the perfect freelancer with confidence. 

Step 3: Get started: Send a free message directly to the providers that best fit your needs. Initiate a conversation, discuss project details, negotiate rates, and establish a clear workflow. 

Is LinkedIn Services Marketplace the Right Fit for you? 

LinkedIn Services Marketplace is a growing platform offering a unique set of advantages for both freelancers and businesses. Here's how each key feature benefits users: 

  • Free to Use:  This removes financial barriers for both freelancers and businesses. Freelancers can showcase their skills and connect with potential clients without upfront costs. Businesses can browse a large pool of talent and avoid expensive recruiting fees. 


  • Simple and User-Friendly: The platform is designed for ease of use. Freelancers can quickly create a profile highlighting their skills and experience. Businesses can easily search for freelancers based on specific needs and qualifications. This streamlined approach saves time and effort compared to complex freelance platforms. 


  • Access to a Professional Network (LinkedIn):  This is a major advantage for both sides. Freelancers leverage the credibility and trust associated with LinkedIn to connect with established businesses. Businesses gain access to a pool of vetted professionals with a proven track record on a professional networking platform. 


  • Broad Range of Freelance Services: The platform covers a wide variety of categories, from marketing and design to IT and legal services. This allows freelancers to find projects that match their expertise and businesses to find the specific skills they need to complete their projects. 

While LinkedIn Services Marketplace offers many benefits, it's important to consider some potential drawbacks that could impact users: 


  • No Project Management Tools:  This means freelancers and businesses need to establish their own communication and workflow processes for managing projects. This can be time-consuming and require additional tools outside the platform. 


  • No Payment Facilitation:  Transactions happen directly between freelancers and businesses. This means users need to establish secure payment methods on their own. Businesses may need to be more cautious when working with new freelancers, and freelancers may need to chase payments. 


  • Limited Online Reviews:  Since the platform is relatively new, there may be a lack of established reviews for freelancers. This can make it challenging for businesses to assess a freelancer's credibility and past performance. 

How to Mitigate These Challenges? 

While these are potential drawbacks, there are ways to navigate them: 

  • Freelancers: Develop clear communication channels and project outlines to ensure smooth workflow. Consider using external project management tools if needed. Build trust with clients by providing strong portfolios and references. 


  • Businesses: Conduct thorough interviews and request samples or past work from freelancers. Establish clear payment terms and contracts before starting projects. Consider using escrow services for added security. 


  • By being aware of these limitations and taking proactive steps, users can still reap the benefits of LinkedIn Services Marketplace. 

The Verdict: Complementary Platforms, Not Replacements 

While LinkedIn Services Marketplace offers a convenient and no-cost way to connect with freelance talent, it doesn't aim to fully replace Fiverr. 

Both platforms offer valuable solutions for freelance needs.  Ultimately, the best platform depends on your specific requirements and priorities.  Consider the scope of your project, the features you need, and the type of talent you're seeking.  With the right choice, you can find the perfect freelance fit for your business or personal project. 


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