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Instagram Tip: Impressions vs. Reach

Brand engagement and awareness should always be at the forefront of your social media goals. Instagram offers basic insights that can inform businesses of the current climate of their social media presence. Two of these insights are impressions and reach. Which one is more important? and What do they mean?

Instagram Reach

Reach-Instagram Story-Insight

Reach is the number of unique accounts that have seen your content. All your followers will not view your content on Instagram. This is as a result of the time they are using the app, the order in which your content appears and many other factors. Above all, a person could view your content several times, it is still a reach. Reach counts the users.

Instagram Impressions

The total number of times your posts were seen is called Impressions. One user may have seen your content more than once, it all adds up to impressions. Consequently, a user doesn’t have to comment or like your content to have an impression on it.

The most important insight to you will be based on your goals and objectives. Both impressions and reach work hand in hand. Determine what is to be achieved and you’ll be better able to determine which insight best informs this.

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