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LinkedIn Local Trinidad #3 – Roundup

ACM’s 3rd LinkedIn Local was, in Pauline’s word, ah-mazing! Our two speakers, Nigel and Nicole, reflected on the theme Thinking Global, Living Local. Both originating from Trinidad, they’ve spent the last few years working remotely for a variety of global companies and clients.

The result of their experiences? A deep dive into developing such a global mindset and embracing your expertise as marketable on an international stage. Additionally, learning to conquer your doubts and fears in the face of new, unconventional opportunities.

Our LinkedIn Local event continues to be a free, community-centric gathering, meant to take the stress out of networking. This month (August 2019) we’ll be expanding to South Trinidad and Barbados! See the end of this blog for the relevant links and additional information.

Here are a few highlights from LinkedIn Local #3:

We All Have a Story

What the Community Thinks about LinkedIn Local

[BLOG] A Guide to Being Less Introverted

I’ve always had a hard time being comfortable in social or professional settings. Even now, it still makes me somewhat queasy. However, to all introverts out there, it is possible to bypass your walls, if only for an hour or two. It never gets easy, but it does bring a sense of productivity and accomplishment.

The blog says it all. Click the link and read about how I’ve learned to cope with my own introvertedness over the years.

Register with ACM to receive updates on our LinkedIn Local events. Registration for our 4th #linkedinlocaltrinidad and 1st #linkedinlocalbarbados will be open soon!

Search for and follow the hashtag #linkedinlocaltrinidad on Linkedin for updates from past and future events in Trinidad.

Search for and follow the hashtag #linkedinlocalbarbados on Linkedin for updates from past and future events in Barbados.

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