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LinkedIn Local Trinidad – Building Your Online Community

Registration for our 2nd #linkedinlocal is still open – click this link to secure your spot.

So nice we had to do it twice!

The countdown is on for AC Marketing’s 2nd LinkedIn Local event on Thursday, June 13th. This time around, we’re talking about the importance of building your online community. LinkedIn has become a more frequented hub within the local professional community. As such, there is a space for your story; all you have to do is find your voice.

Our speakers for the night are here to help you do just that:

  1. Pauline Joseph – Owner of AC Marketing, #LinkedinLocalTrinidad host and triathlete in training

  2. Engel Jones – Podcast Host at 12minconvos with Engel Jones. Check out the podcast he did with Pauline here

  3. Anna McAfee – Community Creator and Educator | LinkedIn Trainer and Speaker

LinkedIn is also a vital component of ACM’s growth. Our team may have many different stories, but they all point to Linkedin’s invaluable contribution to our personal and professional development:

Personal Branding with a Twist

I’ve spent nearly a decade managing brands across the Caribbean and have been preaching on the importance of being true to your brand. Yet this exercise taught me that brand managers, marketing managers and anyone in charge of a marketing budget are usually inside of their heads. We’re walking around with mirrors and making decisions based on what we see, not how everyone sees us.

Pauline gets deep about personal branding and how it influenced both her and the ACM team portraits.

LinkedIn’s Infinite Possibilities

LinkedIn is OP. Periodt. For an introvert like me, however, getting down and dirty with LinkedIn can be challenging, to say the least. It’s virtual, which is a comfort, but it’s also a virtual highway that involves interacting with people in a fairly professional setting. Unnerving? Yes. Impossible? Not at all!

I wrote about how anyone can get started with LinkedIn. And coming from an introvert like me, you can bet this advice is all about #growth.

Looking for a Side Hustle?

My experience with LinkedIn may surprise you. I actually became employed by someone who found me on LinkedIn, ta-da! It was AC Marketing Was I looking for a job? Not really. Would the extra income come in handy? Hellz yeah. So, here’s how that story goes.

Sam’s blog is the side hustle tea. You might not know it but someone out there could be scouting for your expertise.

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