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Mr. and Mrs. Online and Offline

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We now pronounce you husband (online) and wife (offline)!

Recently, AC Marketing executed an offline sampling session at Massy Stores for one of our clients. It was the penultimate activity before a winner was chosen for a digital promotion we ran in the weeks prior.

The results spoke for themselves – integrating online and offline provides an invaluable path to your audience. The data we gathered on the day, from product data to content gold, was fascinating. Much like having Anderson Cooper speak about your product on live television, there’s nothing more rewarding than having one-on-ones with your customers and gaining feedback.

We realized how synergistic the relationship was between brick and mortar customers and our online community. Having those conversations was a step forward in bridging the gap. Additionally, it stressed the importance of building good relationships with our client’s distributors and retail.

Interested in learning more? Here are some resources for your perusal:

[PDF] Anchor Cheese Paste Case Study

Promotional activity is a staple of Digital Marketing and can be engineered for a variety of purposes. First and foremost, however, is remembering that developing a promotion requires connecting the dots between a brand’s strategy and KPIs. Doing so ensures that meaningful achievements are made for the brand, instead of haphazard and unmeasurable bursts of reach and engagement. via AC Marketing Caribbean

Regarding the promotion I mentioned earlier, here’s the case study we put together that details the importance and success of merging online and offline. Click the link and take a read – it’s free!

[BLOG] Online vs Offline

A customer’s journey from awareness to conversion is usually not the result of one marketing channel. It’s exposure to multiple touch-points over a period of time, depending on where the customer is in their buying journey. And this brings me to the middle-ground of this #teamonline and #team offline debate – why not both? via

The disjointed view that online and offline can’t live in holy matrimony is disconcerting. We should embrace the future in digital, while understanding that traditional media helped paved the way. Read our blog here for more on the topic.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Bringing Online and Offline Together

Both digital and offline marketing have a role to play in marketing your business. But the level of activity assigned to each depends on your budget and where your customers are. Take a look at this infographic for details on a variety of marketing channels. via

Put this one in your bookmarks! It gives a comprehensive layout of digital and traditional activities, both of which can help improve your ROI in the long-term.

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