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Social Media Roundup – Week 2

The warmth of the islands?


Convenience is everything. With the rapid improvement in technology coupled with an increasingly hectic on-the-go lifestyle, it is important for brands to stay in-tune with their market and invest in options that brings them ease. Yes, we’re looking at you Caribbean Airlines. While promotions are welcome, it is both disappointing and disconnected from the market’s expectations that flight bookings cannot be made via a mobile phone.

Social Media Security Checks


Planning to fly out for vacation in 2017? Your social media name may become an important addition to your travel information. U.S agency Homeland Security is proposing the addition of a ‘social media identifier’ to forms for travelers to complete when entering the country. It has sparked heated debate across many tech companies and groups, with many citing it as an invasion of privacy, and a precursor to other countries introducing similar proposals.  So, be mindful of that status you’re posting about the bad customer service you received at that U.S. restuarant – Homeland Security is watching you.

Facebook has its eye on your interests


Why would you see the above Rituals Facebook ad in your feed? Perhaps under your tastes/preferences, you like coffee, or hot beverages, or cozy breakfast spots etc. Facebook recently took a step forward to educate users on how the company markets to them based on their interests. The Ad Preferences page gives a summary of a person’s interests, and their FAQ gives a transparent view of Facebook Ads. 

The Social Media Zoo

Via John Sommers 2/Getty Images

In the face of a social media storm, is deleting your company’s social presence the right move? The Cincinnati Zoo certainly thought so. After having their social media feeds bombarded with Harambe memes, as well as the Zoo Director’s Twitter account being hacked, the Zoo called it quits on social. While the ‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ adage is fantastic advice for social media managers, that approach is tricky in this sensitive situation. What would your company do if faced with a similar public barrage?

Proliferation of Memes


100 years from now, when civilization looks into the archive of the human race, they will be thoroughly blown away by memes, I’m sure of it! It’s truly an interesting, creative, outright amusing way to communicate on topics, both casual and serious. #Rio2016 had a front seat to the meme circus, from Usain Bolt, to Michael Phelps, to the debacle of the green pool. Much of our pop culture now is steeped in memes. It will be interesting to see if memes survive the test of time, and how companies continue to utilize this creative medium.

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