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The Top 10 Most Popular Websites in Trinidad and Tobago 2020

Alexa.com has spoken and we have the top 10 most popular sites in T&T. Alexa’s ranking is based on average daily visits, daily time spent on site, daily pageviews, percentage of traffic from search and total backlinks. The #1 site has the highest combination of visitors and pageviews.

Let's see who gets the top spot!

#10 Live.com

This Microsoft website corrals the group with visitors spending about 5 minutes on the site and viewing up to 5 pages on average. However, it occupies the number 4 position for the percentage of referrals from search engines.

#9 Office.com

Office outperforms its Microsoft counterpart with approximately 10 minutes spent on the site and 9 pageviews. But it has a lower percentage of referrals from search engines.

#8 Netflix.com

Netflix has an underwhelming site visit time of around 4 minutes and only 3 pageviews per visitor. Its strong app-based usage and availability on smart televisions provide a strong case for these metrics.

#7 Zoom.us

With the “work from home” movement asserting its dominance during the pandemic, visitors spend about 8 minutes on this site and view around 4 pages. Also, it ranks number 3 in the percentage of referrals from search engines.

#6 Facebook.com

Trinbagonians spend about 19 minutes per day on Facebook, making it the undisputed leader in this category and gets around 9 pageviews per visitor.

#5 Amazon.com

Amazon leads the pack in the percentage of referrals from search engines. It also comes in 2nd in daily page views per visitor and falls just shy of the top 3 sites with a daily time 10 minutes spent on the site.

#4 Bing.com

Interestingly, Bing occupies the number 10 position in the daily time spent on the site and the daily pageviews category. Hence, its popularity may be attributed to its high average daily visitors.

#3 Yahoo.com

Even though Yahoo ranks number 3, it fails to secure a top 3 position in ALL the subcategories. Therefore, a sizeable volume of average daily visitors can only be the logical explanation for boosting its ranking.

#2 YouTube.com

This social media platform is quite popular with about 16 minutes spent on the site per day. It ranks 2nd in the percentage of referrals from search engines but it trails Google and Amazon on pageviews per visitor with an average of 9 views.

#1 Google.com

Google snags the coveted top spot in T&T. The daily time spent on Google lags Facebook and YouTube with a 15-minute viewing time. Visitors view approximately 17 pages daily, but the site has the lowest percentage of referrals from search engines.

When it comes to grabbing the attention of Trinbagonians, the social media websites reign supreme. This opens an avenue to tailor marketing campaigns for these sites. It is also evident that the pandemic has influenced this list with the appearance of Zoom and sites from Microsoft. Unsurprisingly Google is the most popular search engine, but Yahoo and Bing have asserted their presence in the T&T household. However, the quality of views should be challenged given its low daily visitor time and pageviews.

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