What the Retail Industry Can Teach You About Online Shopping in Trinidad & Tobago - Lead Generation

Have you ever tried searching for the term ‘clothing’ on google?

Image via misfitzcarnival.com

Personal Branding is not a choice for entrepreneurs. It’s the story you tell to help drive awareness for your business. I try to be reminded of this fact while reluctant to assign a budget to a photoshoot for myself. After making a few attempts at squeezing my thighs into pants, it was clear that the closet fairy shrunk my clothes and shopping for my new size was inevitable. 


Before the pandemic, brick and mortar stores were fighting to keep afloat as they battled with eCommerce and the shift of customers’ behaviour. Lord & Taylor, one of the most iconic retail companies from NYC, was the latest to announce bankruptcy. After being in operations for close to two centuries, they announced a liquidation sale, via email, in August. I jumped on the opportunity to access high-end brands within the eCommerce space.    


Eight years ago, I finished the book Delivering Happiness, and I went straight to Zappos.com to experience the story told by its author and CEO, Tony Hsieh. At the time, I didn’t have the budget to buy anything, but somehow, I landed on their discount retail division 6pm.com. It’s an online version to the sale rack. Since then, it’s been the