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Top 10 Most Visited Websites in Barbados

Who would have thought that Crop Over would ever be cancelled?? With outdoor activities restricted to the bare minimum, we decided to explore the browsing preferences of our fellow islanders in Barbados. We turned to to determine which websites have won over their attention. The top website has the highest combination of visitors and pageviews.

Let’s see who wins this popularity contest!

Surprised? Trust me, you’re not the only one. We’re starting the countdown with an adult website. Visitors spend under 3 minutes on the site and view approximately 2 pages. These low metrics suggest that a high number of visitors have boosted the website to the #10 spot.

This National News website makes the cut with visitors spending about 3 minutes on the site. However, visitors view on average 1 page. This indicates that most visitors are maybe more interested in getting a quick summary of the daily news as opposed to committing to any lengthy articles.

Netflix edges out News Memory with visitors staying on the site 1 minute longer and viewing 3 pages. Since Netflix is more commonly accessed via its app, its popularity has most likely been underestimated by Alexa.

Like #9, this is also the Nation News website, but under a different domain. Even though the content is the same, the daily time spent on this site is over 4 times greater than News memory (14:10) and its daily pageviews per visitor are about 4 views. In contrast to what we saw with News memory, visitors may be actually reading the content as opposed to skimming the headlines.

Amazon is the pack-leader in the percentage of referrals from search (19.6%) as this seems to be the go-to platform for online purchases. The number of pageviews per visitor is approximately 10, securing 2nd place in this category.

Barbadians spend up to 18 minutes on this social media site, eclipsing the entire group in this category. It’s clear that content relating to the social aspect of the visitors’ lives is attracting the attention of users for significant time periods.

Despite its relatively high ranking, it has the lowest time spent on the site, with visitors staying on Bing for approximately 3 minutes. Visitors view up to 3 pages, another comparatively underwhelming metric. It seems reasonable to conclude that a high number of daily visitors is responsible for its ranking.

Visitors spend a mere 5 minutes on the site and view approximately 4 pages. One may be curious as to why Yahoo is attracting so many visitors per day. Further analysis of the numbers indicates visitors use this site to access their Yahoo mail and to keep up with the latest financial news via Yahoo finance.

This social media platform asserts its popularity with visitors spending more than 16 minutes on the site and viewing over 9 pages. Approximately 15% of the traffic is from search, giving it the number 2 position in this category.

Google is the undisputed champion with an overwhelmingly high number of page views per visitor (17) and visitors spending over 15 minutes on the site. It has the lowest percentage of traffic from search, most likely due to its popularity as a default browser.

Even though an unexpected guest showed up in the countdown, the list mainly comprised of well-known websites. YouTube and Facebook undoubtedly won over the attention of visitors. Like most of us today, Barbadians seem to favour content delivered in a video format and value information shared by family and friends. Another interesting observation was that Barbadians have a heightened interest in events occurring in their country; due to the presence of Nation News twice on the list. Hence, their national newspaper may be a suitable medium to place ads for your business.

PS Happy Independence Day, Bim.


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