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6 Caribbean Millennials You Must Follow On LinkedIn

In the region, Caribbean millennials are planning their future careers, starting their businesses and seeing the benefits of using LinkedIn and other social media.

They use this platform to leverage their business as a part of their social media strategy and to push their personal brand. The list below highlights six Caribbean millennials and professionals who are at various stages of their career, making headlines, building an online presence and using social media effectively. They have all used various marketing strategies and tools including hashtags, informative videos and simple yet high-quality imagery to expand their network and possible work opportunities.

1. Jarrod Best-Mitchell (Trinidad and Tobago)

Some people may ask how dynamic is LinkedIn. Well, it has a big enough impact to build careers and expertise around it. Jarrod, a Trinidadian Sales and LinkedIn Trainer is one of those experts. He has a distinguished sales background working with major brands including Digicel, DHL, Nokia, Microsoft & Samsung.

For the sales and marketing guru, he advocates the undeniable potential and value of using video on LinkedIn and uses it as an advertising and educational tool. In addition to using engaging visual content, Jarrod encourages all LinkedIn users (particularly Caribbean users) to fill out their entire profile which will improve visibility. He admitted before committing to LinkedIn full-time, he helped 100 persons for free with their profiles.

With a following of over 6000 followers, this Sales and LinkedIn Trainer collaborates with other professionals in his field giving his audience added value and more engagement opportunities. His content has generated 300K views in 2020 alone.

Jarrod’s business website is and it can be found on his LinkedIn profile.

2. Joel Nomdarkham (Jamaica)

At age 26, Joel is a Caribbean journalist and marketer. He presently works with a leading regional marketing and advertising firm, Yello and uses the LinkedIn platform to engage over 6000 followers with digital marketing tips, news and information. A graduate of the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Marketing and Analytics, he was nominated for the Prime Minister’s Youth Award in 2013. In June 2020, Joel was featured on a national television show sharing his expertise on the current trends in digital marketing and social media. He has also launched his own marketing website with the link embedded in his LinkedIn profile. He frequently highlights his interviewees, marketing tips, news and media appearances on LinkedIn.

3. Daniel Francis (Trinidad and Tobago)

A Director of Youth Development at ReBIT in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, Daniel is a provider of personal development coaching services. He has only been on LinkedIn for a year but gained a significant audience (just under 5000 followers) on the professional website. This year, he launched his book, ”The Millennial Mind” which focuses on helping his readers to unlock their full potential. He uses a combination of bold images, quotes and videos and LinkedIn blog features to post his perspectives as a writer and development coach.

4. Abbigale Loncke (Guyana)

In this life, many people will not be privileged to meet any of the most powerful and influential political leaders of our time but a young Guyanese businesswoman, Abbigale Loncke did in 2016. Then President of the United States of America, Barack Obama recognized Abbigale’s business acumen as she found a solution to the social problem of inadequate elderly home care in Guyana. Today, after launching many businesses, Abbigale is the President of MBW Energy Support Services and has over 4000 followers. As a millennial, entrepreneur and a black Caribbean woman in a male dominated sector of gas and oil, she is setting a precedent in the region while breaking glass ceilings. LinkedIn has helped Abbigale with the promotion of her business which focuses on consultancy services in several areas including business incorporation and compliance.

5.Tiffany Jones (Barbados)

A popular LinkedIn blog writer, Tiffany has shared information on the latest trends in Human Resources sector with her most recent contribution highlighting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. As a Human Resources Support Officer in the financial sector, Jones is also Managing Director of The Job Connect. Her healthy LinkedIn following of over 2000 are benefiting from her networking and mentoring opportunities, job searching and interview tips, guest appearances at corporate events and features on regional professionals.

6. Kelly McFarlane (Trinidad and Tobago)

This Caribbean millennial is currently pursuing a PhD in Health/Health Care Administration/Management at The University of Trinidad and Tobago. Kelly McFarlane is an active LinkedIn user with a significant following and building her professional brand. She has posted Youtube videos on mental health and relationship advice and her recent participation in Facebook Live panel discussion on “Finding Pride in Mental Health” which gave LGBTQ+ families and friends to have a virtual public discussion. Recently, the clinical and organisational psychologist launched a line of scented candles making an announcement of her business on LinkedIn.

Facts About Millennials

Millennials are a part of the population born between 1981-1996. The facts are the majority of LinkedIn users (70 percent) are from outside the USA and almost a third of this group are millennials.

How Important Are Millennials?

In 2020, 41 per cent of the world will be 24 years old or younger and by 2025, three quarters will make up the global workforce. This generation is living in unprecedented times dealing with multiple recessions, underemployment, health crises among other challenges. But millennials are resilient and finding solutions within their environment.


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