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What I Learned From Using Facebook Chatbots

There are only so many hours in a day, that we can all agree on. Time is of the essence in everything that we do. As a marketer, I’m keenly aware of how significant it is to provide an audience with the right information, in the right place, at the right time. A connected world does allow for more a more streamlined communication experience. Also, it makes it that much easier for someone to move on to another source if you can’t meet their immediate needs.

Enter the clever AI of Facebook Messenger chatbots. Chatbots can be used to automate conversations. The design can be as simple as answering a few questions and including a few links. Alternatively, it can be elaborate workflows that span e-commerce options, for example. Most importantly, it’s a gateway for your audience. It’s a space that’s tailored just for them, and one that can supplement their journey, be it research, purchase intent, or ready to make a decision.

Recently, ACM created a chatbot for a client’s promotion, a pilot that proved to be as educational as it was interactive. Our client’s audience connected with us through Messenger, and used the bot extensively to access salient information about the promotion. The majority of the interactions were done without any assistance outside the bot’s automated responses. The result? A wealth of data and learnings, three of which are:

Automation Saves Time

It’s an always-on world, and chatbots don’t sleep. Creating and implementing a workflow that takes your audience on a meaningful, problem-solving journey is immensely valuable to them and their time. Marketers are constantly caught between multiple touchpoints. Therefore, automating where feasible gives us another level of flexibility. We can then tackle projects without getting trapped in the never-ending stream of notifications.

Personalization Is Everything

Our digital immersion has not taken away from the psychological need to feel acknowledged, befriended, and cared for. Chatbot development is much more than questions and answers. It is an experience, a conversational friend who addresses you by your name, holds your hand, and walks with you. ‘Hello, Nicole’, as opposed to ‘Hello’ can mean the difference between long-term relationship building and your message getting lost in a sea of conventionality and monotony.

Data-driven Decision Making

It goes without saying: your overall goals and objectives must be tied back in your Chatbot implementation. How will this help your audience connect with you? What value are you bringing to them? Is the chatbot designed as a fad, or as a driver for specific things you want to achieve? If you don’t have the requisite data to back up your decision, it’s best to do nothing. Therefore, ask the right questions before jumping into the deep end. Chatbots thrive on continuous development,

Developing a chatbot doesn’t have to be complicated, or break your business’ bank. 3rd party platforms like Chatfuel can help you build bots that find a balance between your goals and your audience’s needs. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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