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Why Should You Use Instagram Voice Messaging?

Instagram’s voice messaging feature has joined the social media community. As you may or may not know, this feature already exists on Messenger and Whatsapp. It might seem extra that yet another platform has voice messaging, and why would a business even use a voice messaging feature? Well, we can give you three reasons:

Avoid Miscommunication

Voice messaging avoids miscommunication. Replying using text in Instagram’s direct messages doesn’t come with intonation and sounds for a recipient to understand a message. Punctuation can only do so much, if the reader still does not understand what is being stated, voice messaging can be used. It adds clarity, adds tone and avoids the message being lost or misunderstood. One example of this is dealing with a customer query about a faulty product. Due to the sensitivity of the situation, you may want to communicate empathy to the customer by sending a voice message. Your apologies via text may read as, “Thank you, Next”.

Personalized Messages

Depending on your brand, you can use voice messaging to personalize a message to your customer. If your business has a giveaway or just showing customer appreciation, a direct message to say “Congratulations!” or “To celebrate Customer Day, you’ve been selected for a Grand Prize” via voice messaging, would be a pleasant surprise. It adds a sound to your brand, something that isn’t usually heard unless you have a jingle on the radio, for example. Just remember to keep it short and sweet!

Voice Messaging Is Faster Than Text

Let’s face it, anything that is fast and easy in the social media world is something worth testing. Voice messaging is another option for a quick reply, you can save drafts and you can copy and paste or you can simply press that mic icon and talk to your customer. For the social media manager, this saves time. Also, it’s quicker than a phone call, seriously. No one likes calling these days. That’s what Whatsapp is for. It’s fast communication without the awkwardness, perfect for the introverted business owners.

The voice messaging feature is great for communication, as phone calls are currently on the dark side. As mentioned, keep it short and sweet. Do not bombard your customers with voice messages, you may be reported as spam. I always mention in these blogs, with such features, one should apply moderation. This feature is available on other platforms but your business may not be on these platforms. Use these reasons as an opportunity and try them out for your business.

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