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10 Caribbean Influencers to Start Following on LinkedIn Today

LinkedIn Influencers are agile, resilient, innovative and they understand the importance of connecting and maintaining relationships with people.

The professional social media website has over one million English speaking Caribbean members. It is also a fertile space to create new ideas and form collaborations between industries.

These ten LinkedIn influencers are professionals using this business-related platform, the largest globally to build their network, recruit new talent, market their businesses and build their personal brand.

1. Gavin Dennis -Cyber Security Maestro (Jamaica)

Gavin is one of the leading Information Technology (IT) specialists in the Caribbean. Highly qualified, this internationally experienced cybersecurity consultant is the Director of G5 Cyber Security Foundation Ltd, G5 Cyber Security Inc and the Caribbean Cyber Security and Privacy Association Ltd. On LinkedIn, Gavin has 24, 729 followers and posts IT related topics regularly while promoting the work of his various organizations.

What Makes Him A LinkedIn Star? Despite his technical background, Gavin understands the potential of social media and his playground, LinkedIn and navigates through this platform like a skilled digital media marketer. He shares content which appeals to Caribbean CSPA members, young men and women in IT and job seekers in his network and profession. He is well connected and celebrates the accomplishments of his community.

If you want more of his story, check out this podcast episode on Live from the Caribbean.

2. Keshelle Davis -The Training Authority Trailblazer (The Bahamas)

The Bahamas based business leader calls herself a trailblazer. On LinkedIn, she is the face of The Training Authority, an organization that provides training to help lead people to their best and most productive self. The Master trainer/facilitator and author uses LinkedIn to post her inspirational perspectives on handling life crises. Keshelle has been able to embrace the potential of online events, participating in career development webinars and virtual panel discussions. The entrepreneur has made such an impact she has received endorsements from top business leaders in the region.

What Makes Her A LinkedIn Star?

Keshelle is a motivator and this is why she is a leader in her field. Her LinkedIn blogs focus on building individuals' resilience and adaptability in life and the workplace especially in 2020. She is a great role model for young women in entrepreneurship and this is shown by her ability to lead multiple organizations in The Bahamas.

Keshelle’s LinkedIn Profile:

3. Shinelle Padmore-Oil and Gas Business Leader (Trinidad and Tobago)

Women in the energy sector were once an oxymoron but over time, changes are occurring for female professionals in the oil and gas work environment. It is inspiring and encouraging to see women of colour in the Caribbean take on leadership roles in this male-dominated career. Shinelle, Country Manager of Brunel in Guyana is a symbol of diversity and female leadership in business. As an opinion leader and manager for a leading oil and gas business, Shinelle has published her views on the impact of the pandemic on the existing job market.

What Makes Her A LinkedIn Star?

Shinelle in her role in the oil and gas industry is testimony to her confidence and fearlessness. As a LinkedIn Influencer, her corporate voice in a male-dominated world represents hope for other young female students and professionals who are pursuing non-traditional careers.

Shinelle’s LinkedIn Profile:

4. Debbie Jollie – "Stammering Communicator” (Trinidad and Tobago)

This Trinidadian author, marketing strategist has over 15 years in sales and marketing. On her LinkedIn page, Debbie advocates the need for corporate leaders and employees to work on their personal brand strategies. She also encourages LinkedIn users to optimize their online presence through the power and versatility of video to market their products and services.

What Makes Her A LinkedIn Star?

Debbie's strong mission statement of "helping Caribbean firms grow, one brand at a time" indicates to her audience her commitment to the community and the region. With over 20,000 followers, this "stammering communicator" has the expertise and her online presence proves it.

5. Ron Johnson –”Bhrand Specialist” (Barbados)

Ron is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Blueprint Creative Inc, a Barbadian company. He is also a self-proclaimed bhrand specialist. With over a decade of experience in branding and communications, Ron has established himself as a branding expert, giving frequent talks to corporations’ employees and management about the latest trends in the industry. He is also a regular blog writer on LinkedIn.

What Makes Him A LinkedIn Star?

Ron is the consummate innovator and problem solver. His followers and clients seek out his inspiring quotes, advice and recommended literature on branding strategies, personal renewal and self-motivation. He also recognizes the need to collaborate with other industries outside of communication and brand and maintains strong relationships with colleagues in marketing and Human Resources.

Ron’s LinkedIn Profile:

6. Julie Turney- ”Agile HR Enthusiast” (Barbados)

A career development coach, HR Disrupter, podcaster and more, Julie uses her expertise in human resources to transform ”analogue cultures”. Through her content, she motivates HR professionals to upgrade their skills for the ever-evolving work environment. Her videos explore the latest topics in her sector with an invitation to the audience to comment and share their perspectives.

What Makes Her A LinkedIn Star?

There are thousands of Human Resources practitioners in the region. But few have taken the chance to be an opinion leader and educate others using social media as a delivery portal. Julie has mastered that and this is evident by her followers.

Julie’s LinkedIn Profile:

7. Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid – ”Your Jamaican Girl” (Jamaica)

In 2005, Dr. Reid represented her country on an international stage. Now, the trained veterinarian is inspiring thousands with her bold and motivating messages. She is often remembered as the TV host of Digicel Rising Stars. In recent times, she is a brand strategist and storyteller bringing her wisdom, charisma and outgoing personality to national, regional and international audiences.

What Makes Her A LinkedIn Star?

Dr.Reid to build her LinkedIn following and fans on other social media. Her effervescent personality and authenticity resonate with her audiences and she shines as a media professional through her confident public speaking abilities and brand strategy skills.

Terri-Karelle’s LinkedIn Profile:

If you want more of her story, check out this podcast episode on Live from the Caribbean.

8. Raphael Saul -Motivational Speaker (Barbados)

Attorney-at-law, corporate trainer, business consultant, Raphael is the Co-Founder of Transcend Technology. In just five years, he has positioned himself as a motivational speaker and trainer in areas of change management, sales training and team building. He utilizes LinkedIn to share uplifting quotes and photos of his public appearances.

What Makes Him A LinkedIn Star?

As a millennial, Raphael is a representation of the future and potential of his generation to create change in society. Successful and professional, he is the opinion leader needed to motivate local and regional businesses in the right direction and he uses LinkedIn to reach his key audience.

Raphael’s LinkedIn Page:

9. Daphne Ewing-Chow-Forbes Contributor (Barbados)

Daphne made a life-changing transition from the financial environment to media and communications to become a full-time writer. Her hard work has resulted in guest appearances on international panels and collaborating with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Presently, a Forbes contributor, Daphne’s influence comes from her ability to give a comprehensive outlook of the challenges and developments within her Caribbean community.

What Makes Her A LinkedIn Star?

The voice of communications and media has always been male. This is particularly so in the Caribbean. With Daphne who spent most of her life in the region, she now has an international platform to share her Caribbean stories and start the discussion which could lead to national and regional policy change.

Daphne’s LinkedIn Page:

10. Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon –“Carivangelist” (USA)

Although this influencer is not living in the Caribbean, the Founder of JetSetSarah has promoted the region’s value in the global tourism industry. As a travel expert and award-winning travel journalist, her work was featured in several international media outlets. Sarah shares her interviews and her advice on the best Caribbean destinations on LinkedIn frequently.

What Makes Her A LinkedIn Star?

The Caribbean is often overlooked or eclipsed by the more established and internationally known island destinations. Sarah's interest and coverage of Caribbean destinations help promote not only the sun, sea and sand but also people who work there. Her stories on LinkedIn promotes our unique brand and experiences.


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