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3 Reasons Why Food should be on your Instagram Profile

Food must be one of the most photographed objects on Instagram. Consequently, this pushes small businesses that provide food services to the forefront of online advertising. It’s a fact, people love food. Presently, even phones are made with a feature to take pictures of it. This industry is thriving. These are 3 reasons why small businesses can capitalize on Instagram’s food culture:

1. Free Content

Anchor Trinidad and Tobago coconut drops- food

Content is usually easy to create and other times you’re blank. You can take food pictures your customers post for your own use. Ask them to tag your business in their purchases or create a branded hashtag. With their permission of course, repost their photos. Reposting their pictures is easier than creating from scratch. You can also add your own branding to these posts. Free content right there.

2. Food Loyalty

Instagram post of food at Diane's Tea Shop

Additionally, reposting someone’s post from your establishment, generally gives the user a sense of appreciation. There’s an appreciation that the business has taken time to acknowledge customer support. It also helps to build online customer service and improves business-customer relationships. Feedback is then easier for your business to attain when it is required.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

User instagrams food from Bottles and Bites

Finally, customers posting your product also increases brand awareness. When followers see that you repost customer’s pictures they are anxious to post one of their own. Encourage customers to share videos and photos of their purchases. This acknowledgement has a ripple effect on their followers and just increases your visibility in the industry.

The Food and Beverage industry is thriving in Trinidad and Tobago. It’s easy for your content to be lost. Standout with a customer centric approach. Along with your regular content, acknowledge your customers and the angles they take on your product. Keep in mind that your followers and their followers are your online lifeline.

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