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3 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About LinkedIn Live

In-person events will never be the same.

COVID-19 has brought uncertainty to Event Managers as they navigate a world being mandated to avoid crowds. No one knows when a vaccine will be available, and even then, the PTSD will change our behaviour to the outside world. That’s why Social Media giants, like Facebook, are touting Live options to their users.  

LinkedIn launched its Live feature more than a year ago and limited access to its users. I saw several posts chastising the selection process regarding the quality of the live streams, I felt attacked. Either way, I was one of the ‘chosen’ and documented the journey here.

I’m closing onto the 100-stream mark, and I have a few lessons I wish someone would have shared when I gained access. Take a look at my mistakes, so you can make new ones;

LinkedIn does not store your content

As a LinkedIn Live Broadcaster, you are streaming video content from a third-party platform that you will have to pay for. The list of providers has grown with different cost structures. I use Streamyard, it’s simple and cost-effective. Although they made it clear to Download your recording after 15 days, sometimes I forget, which is frustrating when you need to repurpose content for a client.  

I’ve also tried to reference the live stream directly from; unfortunately, it’s not a reliable option. Check out this ACM blog. Sometimes the video is embedded successfully, and other times it loads indefinitely.  

Make sure to download your video content immediately after the broadcast. Even if you don’t have a strategic plan, you’re better off having it stored for future use.  

Be Consistent

It seems evident that an extrovert, like me, would bask in the glory of video. Uh, no, please. The lights, camera, screens and people you can’t see, feels like a recipe for disaster with no do-overs. Being a woman also means scrutiny by peers about one’s appearance.

Unfortunately, I allowed fear to make decisions and dropped off my weekly check-ins. The numbers, or lack thereof, was also a vanity metric that I fell victim to.  

I’m like a mechanic without a car, I know the theory but can’t apply it to myself. Once you have a point of view, keep going.  


Establishing yourself as a thought leader is essential to your end goal. Regardless of industry, your audience needs to assign a brand to your face. Part of your plan must be having a discussion with like-minded individuals. This allows you to share different perspectives with a broader audience.  

Based on the data, my live broadcasts with guests have a higher viewership.  

If you are lucky enough to be appointed by the professional network, ensure to use the data and optimise your content to help grow your audience. Good luck!


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