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3 Types of Content SURE TO WORK

As a Content Creator for ACM, I’ve learnt to create content based on the conversations our audience was having. In moments of silence, we created conversations for the audience to engage. There is notable content that will spark a fire on your business page. Here are 3 types of content sure to work, with examples from our client:

The ‘Great Debate’ type Content

Happy National Cheese Pizza Day! We just had to ask, does pineapple really belong on pizza or not? 🤔🍕 Posted by Anchor Trinidad and Tobago on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

via Facebook

Facebook is a feeding ground for opinions. Therefore, you can create a conversation surrounding your business without being the focal point. In the example above, we chimed in on a topic that is widely discussed, pineapple on pizza. If you sell socks, your debate can be: “Is going to bed with socks a must have?”. Watch the engagement go through the roof with these convos. To foster that relationship, get in on the arguments in the comments, lean to one side and then the next. Trust me, your audience will love it!

Life Hacks

#KitchenTipTuesdays Lambert recommends washing your tin cans before opening. Cans tend to collect dust and bacteria in storage which can make you unwell. Posted by Anchor Eastern Caribbean on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

via Facebook

We’re all out here winging it and a good life hack is appreciated. Tips are one type of content you can be sure your audience needs. Now don’t go sharing tips that have nothing to do with your service or product. Keep your brand an audience in mind. Make sure it is relevant to them or you’ll be shooting tips in a dark abyss. This type of content goes beyond entertainment, its education. You’re giving your audience actual knowledge. When they recall that tip the next time, guess whose brand comes to mind?

Social Media Days

Fill in the blank: I eat my popcorn with _______ and ____________. #NationalPopcornDay Posted by Anchor Trinidad and Tobago on Friday, January 19, 2018

via Facebook

Social media days are such easy and quirky content, why not add it to your content calendar? Posting on days like National Pizza Day and Pi Day can not only create traffic, with hashtags, but give your audience the opportunity to observe days they never knew existed. For extra umph, add a sweet deal or discount to the post. Because sales is where the money is. For more reasons to add social media days to your page, check out this blog here.

Don’t limit your content to these three examples, there are way more to add. Stay tuned! What type of content works best for your page? let us know!

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