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5 Caribbean Brands on LinkedIn That Need Help

LinkedIn is home for major regional telecommunications, insurance, conglomerates and banks and there is a reason this is happening.

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The Caribbean has a unique advantage with a diverse audience.

LinkedIn Is A Playground for B2B Marketers

The social media platform is a professional portal for B2B marketers and a reported 94 percent believe it is dependable to share content. LinkedIn allows its corporate members to target their audience in a direct and immediate way. While some social media gurus may argue that Facebook is more affordable for B2B marketers, it is a matter of putting quality over quantity.

Caribbean brands are using social media to reach their clients as the tug-o-war between popular social media and traditional media continues. But social media websites are winning over businesses which want to reach targeted audiences and see more value for their investment.

LinkedIn has a number of online business tools that improve lead generation through publishing content and promoting showcase pages. In social media marketing, you cannot measure with vanity metrics. People support brands that reflect their beliefs. So how are they doing on LinkedIn?

Big Brands on LinkedIn Are They Hitting Their Targets or Missing Their Mark?

Major brands need to reach the right audiences to stay relevant. But are they using social media tools and features to engage their audiences?

Here is a list of five major Caribbean brands using LinkedIn to reach regional clients and corporations but are not reaching their full potential:

1. Digicel Group Jamaica Limited

This regional mobile phone network and home entertainment provider has operations in 33 markets globally. The Digicel Group LinkedIn page records 76,429 followers and uses the platform to share corporate social responsibility news, coverage of sponsored corporate events and a listing of job opportunities. In 2021, the mobile giant will reach its 20-year milestone and will need to demonstrate its resilience during the latest global crisis.

Current Status: The last post on Digicel’s (Jamaica) is a mind-boggling ELEVEN months ago! The last video content is time-stamped 2018. At this rate, Jamaican sporting and entertainment celebrities’ babies might have spoken their first words or taken their first steps by their next post.

Quick LinkedIn Tip: Post more! Digicel Jamaica’s sister social media pages have up to date posts on community outreach during the current health crisis and latest products and cultural collaborations. Create a LinkedIn community for Caribbean artistes and incentivize Digicel employees and management to share content. Don’t sleep on your 70k followers.

2. Sagicor

With the mission statement of providing “the best content for your business and your career”, Sagicor continues to shine as a major regional brand through its consistent online marketing strategy. The financial services company has 180 years in the region and operates in 22 countries. Four corporate active LinkedIn pages exist but Sagicor Group Jamaica Limited is the largest with over 17,000 followers. The global conglomerate focuses on many social areas. But this particular group shares content on education, employee recognition and excellence, their quality expertise, arts, culture and entertainment in Jamaica.

Current Status: Sagicor Jamaica is doing an excellent job of showcasing employees, management and their accolades with a crisp graphic design which is visually appealing. You are Michael Jackson ”Bad” and you know it BUT…

LinkedIn Quick Tip: Go beyond reactions and generate engagement through comments from the audience. The key to this is to ”look at the man in the mirror”, be emotive. Make those several hundred thousand followers laugh, smile, feel good, feel invested in what you have to say and what is happening not only in the corporation but community and country as a whole.

3. Massy

As one of the largest and most diverse employers in the region, the company supports several sectors including automotive, insurance, energy and gas. Each country which Massy operates in has its own online strategy with Massy United Insurance using the power of video marketing to provide content to its audience.

Current Status: Several Massy pages have been generated on LinkedIn but none have a significant following compared to their region of operation and sector. There is little to no activity on these pages. Everyone is dressed up but no one wants to go out.

LinkedIn Quick Tip: Strategize and Execute. Motor, Technologies, Realty, Insurance, these companies’ audiences are waiting to be connected to these brands. Create a concise marketing strategy and content tailored to the region and increase your followers.

4. CIBC FirstCaribbean

The financial company has over $2 billion in assets and located in 16 Caribbean countries. In an age of digital technologies and companies seeking digital solutions, the bank has evolved its business strategy to target corporate audience using the latest digital banking services. Using webinars and other online events, CIBC First Caribbean is identifying the regional businesses that could benefit from better banking services, digital payment systems and customer support. There are over 15k LinkedIn followers on CIBC FirstCaribbean page.

Current Status: The page has sharp photos, modern design with a corporate style layout of financial content, focused on entrepreneurs, millennials and digital banking. Amazing but reading…

LinkedIn Quick Tip: Focus more on video. One video on the page generated over 9000 views in one month!

5. Ansa McAl Group

One hundred and forty years ago, businessman, George R. Alston established Geo. R. Alston & Co, Cocoa export company. Today, it is one of the largest conglomerates in Trinidad and Tobago. Ansa McAl is using the LinkedIn professional platform to advertise job vacancies and to create transparency and relationships between upper management and the wider business sectors and networks.

Current Status: This Trinidadian based page has bold images, company announcements and appears to have momentum garnering over 5000 followers. The company is advertising its career website but date stamp says two years ago…curiouser and curiouser.

LinkedIn Quick Tip: Start posting recent videos, photos and post more often. Be mindful of content dates, rehashing, or recycling images or posts.

Last Thoughts...

In 2020, this is the best time to pull up a chair at the big people table of social media. This is no going back and while some businesses are skeptical about investing in social media and platforms like LinkedIn, others are more confident and they are seeing the results. Relevant Caribbean brands are those which are consistent, bold and capture the culture of the people within the region through their content and engagement. Stay relevant and engage!


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