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Add Gifs to your Instagram = Free videos no cost

Listen, covering your camera with your hand and using the black background with ‘Classic’ as your font is as boring as it gets. This isn’t a newspaper, its Instagram. Obviously, your business needs more than lazy text to get customer’s attention. Here are 3 reasons why you should use Gifs to your advantage in Instagram Stories:

1. Wrestle Attention

You can’t just use the word attention and assume customers will give you their attention. Instead, I’d be swiping left immediately. Your followers are busy and being bombarded with other content all while looking at your Instagram stories. Add a gif to your story and watch the magic. Gifs are colorful moving and flashing animations. Search the most appropriate gif for your business, at that time, and watch your regular pictures come to life.

2. You’re Fun, on the inside

Using gifs shows your followers that you have an easy-going side. A side that is creative and fun than the regular. Not just static pictures and text like local prime time commercials. This lighter side of your profile would encourage followers to engage with your content. Hence, they’ll be inclined to participate in polls and comment on your regular posts if your stories are easy on the eyes.

3. Gifs Videos=no cost

The most snackable content presently, are videos. Undoubtedly, good videos are hard to come by for small businesses due to cost. Gifs are like substitute videos. It is a free feature that gives the impression of a video without a long duration attached. You can even save these stories as video files to be used on other social media networks.

While it is great and pleasing to use gifs, use it in moderation. Basically, know when to use it and when not to. Your business is a business after all and every follower an interaction counts. Choose what is appropriate to your brand voice and tell a story about your service or product the way you want to. If you need some assistance, we can help.

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