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Are you Missing out on Linkedin’s potential in Trinidad and Tobago?

As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn is a hub for sharing ideas, connecting with colleagues and finding opportunities. Is your company on LinkedIn? You should sign up. Job seekers are googling you. You’d like them to see more than just your colourful words on social media. It’s a good place to start building a professional online presence for your company. We can help you by identifying information that you must have on LinkedIn. Continue reading!

Where do you belong?

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Where does your business belong? Fill out all the information required for your business overview, including industry and specialties. This aids in the discovery of your company’s page. Some examples of industries are Marketing, Engineering and Design, to name a few. Specialities are important. Specialty helps your business stand out. If you do Event Planning, you need to pinpoint the type of planning e.g. Wedding Decor, Bartending etc. According to LinkedIn Business, companies with complete information get 30% more weekly views.

Who is repping you?

Rep your company's linkedin

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Ask your current employees to connect their LinkedIn to the company’s LinkedIn. This can, not only help their LinkedIn’s look complete, it puts extra views on your company profile. If they share business content, even better. Employees are a brand’s best advocates. They are the face and voice of the brand as the human resource. Get your employees to rep you on LinkedIn and watch your connections grow.

What are you doing here?

Clueless about your company's linkedin

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Many companies join LinkedIn and go dormant. This is a sure sign that you either don’t know what you’re doing on there, not sure how to use it or have the wrong people managing your social. Share information about your company, keep it corporate. Highlight milestones and tag team members, potential employees love seeing companies be human. Of course, be true to your internal culture, don’t sell dreams on your socials. Include imagery, pictures and videos. Engage your connections in debates, bounce ideas off of professionals you’ve never met and make real life connections, online. LinkedIn Business has stated that companies posting weekly see a 2x lift in engagement with their content.

As with all social networks, learning something now doesn’t guarantee that it will be applicable next week. Stay active on your LinkedIn, make connections and check out other company profiles. Observe ways you can improve brand awareness using the site. Implement the above information and let us know what your stats look like next month!

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