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Email Marketing? Yes, please!

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective forms of digital advertising

I recently posted the above quote on ACM’s Instagram account and this week it became more relatable than ever. A colleague relayed a very disappointing story to me of a company that did not understand the value of email marketing. They stated that ‘Customers don’t know what they want, so we basically send everyone the same information’. #Icannot.

Email marketing is a vital component of your digital strategy. It allows you to get very specific with your segments and bring tailored information to audiences which makes for more structured and measurable marketing. Not to mention, it is quite cost effective. Your audience will thank you for the extra time you took providing them with data they WANT, as opposed to data you have.

That kind of personalization and exclusivity will be rewarded in the long run.

Still not convinced? These 70 email marketing statistics will sway your thinking. The below snip focuses on ROI and, yes, you’re seeing those numbers correctly:

I receive countless emails from companies and brands on a daily basis and every couple of days I do a quick run through to see how relevant the information is to me. My go-to sites such as Amazon and Blizzard Entertainment are always spot-on with the emails they send providing product updates or new features to look forward to, all in an easy to digest email.

What emails do you look forward to receiving? More importantly, how many of those emails are from local sources?

Like my colleague stated in our Social Media Roundup segment – “There are too many free and cost effective tools out there to use the ‘we don’t have funds’ excuse.” It’s time that local and regional companies take a closer look at what their audience wants and use email marketing to have that conversation with them.


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