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How to build awareness that drives the consumer to buy

On average, people spend 2 1/4 hours online per day on Social Media. Facebook is usually the platform which consumes most of their time, however, depending on your strategy, the majority doesn’t always equate to your demographic. An example; if your brand would like to access the 27 to 34 year old audience who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I would suggest Instagram as your main touchpoint.

Regardless of the Social Network you choose, one of the main elements to any successful network is Content. It’s the fuel to your marketing engine and has been since the beginning of the marketing industry. Newspapers, Radio Broadcasters and TV Newscasters are all content creators, the difference between them and the Instagram Influencers is the type of media.

What’s on your Facebook?

Social Media allows us the ability to be connected to things that matter to us. My newsfeed is filled with triathlon training articles, carnival memes and Ecommerce jargon that most people don’t care for. Chances are, your newsfeed reflects your friends, the pages you liked and the groups you joined. Most of us expect the safe environment of interacting with posts and videos associated with brands that are familiar because content outside of that space will make us uncomfortable.

With these expectations, it’s important for companies to understand their users and give them what they want, content. If you’re new to Social Networking, it’s better for you to scale your approach by sharing existing images and videos because there is no shame in collaboration. We are currently managing a global food brand and Buzzfeed has been instrumental with increasing their audience. Their page Tasty makes direct revenue from all the videos they produce, which is different for most FCMG companies, they make money from selling products in a physical location. Even if you have a multimillion dollar budget, you should still curate content with influencers. Sadly, a bigger budget does not equate to more sales. You are fighting for a place on my newsfeed, not just my like. #VanityMetrics

Collaboration is more effective

In the Caribbean we don’t view collaboration as a business necessity, and some persons have shared the view that you’re not doing Digital Marketing right if you’re sharing someone’s else’s content. This could not be more far from the truth, like really far. We recently had a Trinidad agency post one of our blogs on their page and the supporting copy included a call to action for persons to give them a call for Social Media services. I say, good on you Social Media Banton. The more eyes on AC Marketing blog the better SEO. Don’t get me wrong, if they took the text from our website and put it on their own without recognition or permission, that’s plagiarism. But, if you share the content from it’s original format, you’re doing Social Media right!

For AC Marketing, we have a four step approach to Digital Marketing and Creative is the step where we make digital assets for our clients. To reduce the effort for both parties, we separate the content into Maintenance and Campaigns. This helps us minimise the back and forth because maintenance content is viewed as the day to day links/images/videos that keep your audience aware that you’re around. The equivalent of a Coca Cola billboard in the midst of traffic that drives the consumer to pick up the soft drink without knowing why.

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